and so

i might compare 1001 purple daylilies. different purple daylilies. and i would find many different reasons to separate them by their traits and appearances. yes there are that many though there are no where near that many in one place. these days about 2,000 daylilies are registered each year. every year. i will not try to dig deeper into that haystack of data except for a few wild guesses. like if we take an even break of primary colors and throw out green and blue and include near white and near black that would be about 333 if they were evenly spread over each hue. and each of them a small step in one direction or another. a progression of each gardener’s likes and dreams. different color intensities and flower shapes. different edges and eyezones. different contrasts of colors. large, small, and medium flower sizes. different bloom times both morning and evening and early, mid, and late in the summer season. i would love to wander such imaginary fields and soak in every bloom. and i will dare not try to replicate a large sampling here. just to happen on three purples and share them here. and to remind you there are a thousand other gems scattered in gardens around the globe. you might find some of them if you watch for glimpses of gardens and listen for the faint giggles of fairies at play…


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