folder weather

the folder for july 17 will have plenty of rain drops. so until the images run out there will be raindrops. and we have officially entered meteorological winter. the winter equinox is still several days away and as far as the weather forecaster care for all purposes it is winter. we have had several dustings of snow and days with freezing temperatures. people north of us have had more of the frozen stuff already… and this flower has had three doses of Trahlyta genes. it might be starting to show…


4 thoughts on “folder weather

  1. John Hric Post author

    Only three seasons of the year. Even though as the years pass I tend to favor the other three seasons a little bit more the season of snow has its place. I will take it gladly over the hurricanes, floods, and heat that more and more affect other areas. Each of us gets to choose our own poison. I will opt for a bit of snow.


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