and confused. that is what this flower does for me. this seedling does not remind me so much of either parent. no doubt there are references back to each parent even if i cannot see them. or cannot see them yet. just like the snow that has come with this storm. here until now it has been a relatively mild december. for now it is none of mild. later next week mild is forecast to return. back to the seedling and if i can find them pictures of the parents… and one is hiding. the seedling is an orange red long petaled thing. one parent is a full petaled flower yellow in color with pastel pink blushes. the other parent is lavender. and i will have to work on my ugly duckling analogy. there may be a graceful swan lurking in this seedling or its children. and odds are it will be fun looking for it. in the mean time i will remain perplexed…


5 thoughts on “perplexed

    1. John Hric Post author

      Both parents are pastels. The red orange seedling is completely unexpected. I am like wait are you sure these are the parents for this seedling ? ! ?


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