winter came back today. wet snow. stuck on everything. trees. wires. and melting on the pavement. fluffy snowman making snow on top. wet slush on the bottom. the weather looks like it will stay cold for several days. who knows this snow might stay for awhile. could it be winter ? this is a yellow seedling that blooms nice…


5 thoughts on “winter

  1. John Hric Post author

    I am waiting to see if this snow lasts until it gets cold again next week. We are supposed to have temps in the mid to high 30s for the next few days. And possible rain. We have about 2 inches on the ground right now. The plant is a lovely butter yellow. And it has good branching and bud count so it produces a very nice bud count. I will have to get a clump shot of the whole plant in bloom this summer. It is a lovely thing when it is blooming. Thanks Dan.

    1. John Hric Post author

      We are on the western edge of the snowbelt. Most of the time we get off easy. When the wind is just right not so much. The wet snow stuck to the trees for two days. Usually either the wind or snow clears it quick.


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