more giggles

the garden fairies may get a hernia from laughing too much. turns out the onedrive has lots of points where it needs to be shut down. even though a folder is marked ‘keep local’ the sync option still wants to put photos and docs out on onedrive. it does belong with the one ring in the fires of mt doom. i might be requiring a brave little hobbit yet. tonight’s flower sets a positive note. it is called Be Brave. i think at this point gandalf would say something encouraging and then sit down and pour three fingers…


5 thoughts on “more giggles

    1. John Hric Post author

      For just a moment you scared me with that answer. Then I heard the sarcasm drip. I finally found the answer to onedrive. Disconnect it, signoff ! And if I ever signon again it will be such a mess. it will try to upload more photos than its minimal space will ever hold. Happy Tuesday Dan.


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