Starman’s Voyage

just how many favorite flowers do i have.  for tonight the answer is one more.  a nice spidery lavender.  three images…

Starman’s Quest

this is a first generation plant from Trahlyta.  and since all things Trahlyta tend to excite me, is it much of a surprise this one is also high on my list ?  it is a taller plant 40 inches 102 cm.  and it has a very big and dramatic eyezone.   or should i just […]

Starman’s Quest

this is a plant from a long line of plants that fascinate me.  and i should say that this plant fascinates many.  the name is Starman’s Quest, and it is cross of Trahlyta and Persian Pattern.  if you were to go to the AHS advance search page and plug in Starman’s Quest in the parentage […]

Trahlyta, Starman’s Quest, and now

now it is time to look at some of the seedlings of Smoke Scream.  and to compare them to the seedlings of Trahlyta and Starman’s Quest.  all of these seedlings share a relationship to those seedlings.  this is one of the Starman’s Quest seedlings.  one of many many seedlings from Starman’s Quest.  seedling that i […]


i do my gambling in the garden. not with money. instead with pretty or near pretty faces. choosing plants to cross is a game of chance. one in three crosses will work. probably less. oh i do not keep count. however the number of tags and failed pods that fall off and the lonely tags […]


i want to say bee-got instead of begat. and that is is not at all correct. a gardener took the pollen from one flower and put it on another flower. tonight it starts with Trahlyta. Trahlyta was crossed with a flower called Persian Pattern. that produced a flower called Starman’s Quest. Starman’s Quest was crossed […]


purple Starman’s Voyage. it is tall in the 40 inch 106.1 cm range. and it has about a 6 inch 15.2 cm flower. i will have to take a look at how crowded it is. because it has been here a while and it has not increased much. i will also need to give some […]

a few jelly beans

back home there are a few jelly beans blooming. they are still easy enough to count if you don’t put them in the jar or get distracted. for a day or so. then that is going to stop. and counting will be a more difficult option.