A prayer and a flower to hold on

Part of me is not ready to move on.  Events still cause me to step back and look for a place of quiet and reflection.  A place to grasp and find something, the smallest of things to hold onto.  I do not want this to fade down into and amongst the other posts all too easily forgotten.  So this will exist on its own page.  In I hope somewhat easy spiritual reach.

a prayer and a flower…. still.

for those who have been hurt and those who are still hurting may you find your way and honor your loved ones.10-051 walking the pattern x asterisk


71 thoughts on “A prayer and a flower to hold on

    1. John Hric Post author

      envisagedbeauty, Thanks. The importance of love has been stated so many times by so many sources. And moments like the ones that drove my post reinforce the fact that it must be said again and again. Thank you.

    1. John Hric Post author


      You pretty much have me speachless. It seems like so little, and I am used to being wrong, so that is okay. I am very glad it helps. You take care and hold on tight to the good moments.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Natalie, Thank you. Lord knows we all need it. Too often there is a sad and sorry reason that we need it each day, both here and around this troubled world.

  1. nataliescarberry

    You are so right, John. We all need prayer in a fallen world where hurts and sadness abound. May you be blessed in your efforts to reach out. Thank you for following my blog. May be both breath hope and health into this hurting world. Natalie 🙂

  2. tealeafgardens

    Thanks for liking my blog. I agree about the garden and flowers being a place of healing. My post, “Resolution,” talks about how gardening has healed me. In itself, gardening is a healing prayer.

  3. sabuloustempest

    Yes, the garden or just nature’s garden give me feelings of peace. A walk in the forest listening to wind blowing through the leaves gives me contentment and takes away unhappy thoughts.

  4. Priceless Joy

    I just started following your blog. I can detect sadness in your blog. Whatever the reason for it, I will be praying for the sadness to lift and joy to fill you from top to toe. GB!

  5. Dessa Theresa Art

    I love this post of yours. Flowers somehow remind us of the fragile beauty of our own lives. I think you might enjoy a children’s book called “The Forgiveness Garden” by Laura Thompson. Just another way flowers bring healing to our lives. Thank God for them. ❤

  6. tomschronicles

    Flowers are important. I am reminded of a story of the Buddha. One day, instead of giving a teaching, Buddha walked out to face the crowd, kept silent, and held up a flower. Many people were perplexed, but one of his followers smiled.On that day, the man who smiled became enlightened.. because Buddha simply held up a flower.

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  8. gapark

    Beautiful sentiments. I’m sure you’ve heard of this:
    The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God’s Heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth.

    Dorothy Frances Gurney (1858 – 1932)
    Thanks for visiting me!

  9. terrepruitt

    This has me curious. But since it is vague, I imagine the situation is private. I was poking about after a “like” from you on my blog. Scrolling through your blog, looking at all the pictures of lilies, my mouth was hanging open. So lovely. Thinking of you and a garde—um . . . turf (?) of lilies has brought a bit of lightness to my heart. Thank you. 🙂

  10. Lindy Le Coq

    To grant grace relieves your soul of the hurt burden. It is not the same as forgiving, but has much the same internal effect. Thank you for liking my post “Radial Symmetry”.

  11. moondustwriter

    John: I am touched by the solemn, humble tone.
    broken by sorrow
    world’s storm tears fragile promise
    fragrant offering called hope

    A haiku for all who find themselves in a lonely place. He is always there.

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  13. Niki Flow

    I saw that you posted this in 2013. I hadn’t even started my blog then, and it wasn’t until this year I began over1000prayers. It’s funny, I’ve come a long, meandering way with my faith, always searching. I came to cherish meditation, but prayer has been a tough nut for me. I wrote about it on my new page. Yet, so many people I love and admire do pray. So along with being a sincere wish for solace and answers for the family of missing loved ones every day, I am exploring prayer too. My anguish over my missing son has me searching for any way to calm fear. Prayer seems to work for many people. I think asking is key. It seems to unlock Divine power that (because of free will?) is dormant or behind a closed door until we actually ask. Just a few thoughts this morning. Your site is lovely and I always look forward to visiting. Thank you for this page. I hope you find solace in prayer and that your heart is healed. ♥.


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