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garden buster sail

today was the day. for the last several weeks butterflies have been lingering in the garden. i think they were waiting for today. today the wild fall aster opened. and while i cannot smell them the butterflies are not so impaired. there was a riot of fluttering wings around this flower and all over the garden. a flutter flight. this plant is about 36 inches 91 cm across and it stands taller than the 48 inch 122 cm fence. there were easily a dozen monarchs and a couple swallowtails feasting. are they tanking up for migration ? all i can tell you is i wait for this day each year. who needs a butterfly house when this flower opens ?



not everything is found by sight. today the aster was in scent. and the monarchs responded. there were 4 or 5 drawn to the nectar. some days you can summon kings without lifting a finger…

free range monarchs

flutterbyes a name that perplexes the spell checker and beautifies the garden.  no reflections from july today.  today is today.  i am sure many have been to butterfly enclosures where you can experience them up close.  today high court was held in the garden.  no enclosures.  no special releases by zoo keepers.  today the monarchs feasted on wild aster.  it has been permanently declared a non weed.  the 5 or 6 monarch butterflies have declared it so.  and who in their right mind could argue ?  they danced on the air and feasted on the flowers.  and that is why i venture into the garden.  i even managed to take a few daylily pictures.


things to see in the garden

there was a butterfly on the lantana.  all black wings with big white dots.  the body was mostly black to except for two white bars on either side of the head.  and golden hairs on the legs like a bee collecting pollen.  it is an eight-spotted forester.  of course there were a few flowers too…

16-077 14-102 Nate x Sky Captain) x Coho Mojo

14-155 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret ) x 12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

home of the hungry butterfly

we had a visitor in the garden today.  a swallowtail butterfly.  swallowtails are on every continent except Antarctica.  i am glad this one stopped to dine.  evidently daylily nectar is on the menu.  this seedling passed one very important test.  three images

hungry swallowtail feeding

hungry swallowtail

hungry swallowtail macro