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something flustered

executive directives ?  or is it executive hate ?  withdrawing FEMA and the military from Puerto Rico.  withdrawing payments to ACA without a care to the people who will be hurt,  Are Voldemort and the death eaters really fiction ?  i weary of the constant administration of hate.


it is a bloom.  not the classic, nor the perfect form.  two petals are cupped up.  most would say this flower is having a bad hair day.  still there is enough to show how a better hair day should look.  and there are plenty of buds left to make those good hair days.  Susan Weber a daylily from 1989.  it is.  two images…

dw susan weber macro dw susan weber det


the daylily is Zoot Sims.  a bold red and yellow pattern.  and tetraploid and tall and pinched and skinny.  so why have i not figured out what it should be crossed with ?  some contemplation and pairing is required.  the standard answer in this garden… there is more to this flower.  so how can we discover this ?  perhaps this summer.  one image.

zoot sims det



gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro


wake up !

no not you, me !  look how he lays there on the garden path dead asleep  like an hay leahon visitor.  tightly clutching that bloom like an otherworldly creature transfixed by visual floral onomatopoeia.  doesn’t that flower look strange and unnatural to you ?  the first clue would be the flower scapes in the background.  look at them.  there are too many – well maybe they don’t all show here.  still unlike their other seedling brethren where they would only have two or three scapes this plant has  six or eight.  and yes they are all the same age.  this plant is just an over achiever.  strangely enough this flower we know one name from its sorted past.  Volcan Fuego and some other illogical cross.  so let’s move on down the garden path and step gingerly over the sleeping extra terrestial.  and his extra blooms.  one image  and what ever you do when you step over him… do not wake him up….  on to the next flower

12-005 volcan fuego x qqq IMG_6165 garden





or is it forewishing ?  when this cross was made this was not the planned, guessed, or even wished turn.  one parent a lavender and the other a cream colored white.  and so this is the way it went.  fortunately the garden is my favorite location for foreguessing.  three images, the parents and two of the seedling…

Knight Templar x Freak Show ) X John Karl Seager sbs

12-009 10-021 Knight Templar x Freak Show ) X John Karl Seager det 12-009 10-021 Knight Templar x Freak Show ) X John Karl Seager  macro


cinnamon dust

i think i turned down the wrong aisle in the candy store tonight.   it was the one that nearly does not end…   then i found a picture.  and even remembered that is what i came in here to get…  a yellow seedling with some red dust on the petals.  a cross of Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x North Wind Dancer that should move out of the seedling bed and into the observation garden this spring.  two images …

12-105 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x Northwind Dancer  macro 12-105 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x Northwind Dancer det

2 parents and 2 sibs

first is a couple of parent flowers that went into a cross.  and second two of the seedlings from the cross.   the parents are John Karl Seager x  (South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers) right to left.  and second there are two seedlings from that cross.  the parents are two different colors, lavender and orange.  the seedlings start to go their own ways.  similar, yet different.   three images…

John Karl Seagar det sbs South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers sbs

11-048 John Karl Seagar x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas sib sbs


11-048 John Karl Seagar x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas macro

different looks

some days daylilies have a slightly different look.  it can be the color for some.  temperature and weather can affect the color.  for others it can just be the the amount of straightness or curve.  this picture is of a curvier day and an older picture shows a straighter day.  Starman’s Voyage.

starman's voyage det

something old

something new.  the formula can be used in the garden for seedlings too.  this seedling is from a cross of an old plant Autumn Minaret and a fairly newer plant Bark At Me.  one plant from the year 1951 and the other 1999.  with genetics it is not when you choose it is what you choose.  and we will try to stay away from the dinosaur fantasy movies.  however, if you see me running in the garden…. try to keep up….    two images…

10-067 bark at me x autumn minaret macro 10-067 bark at me x autumn minaret det7/14