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other red

this is Puppet Lady.  it has a flowing form.  and a deep rich red color.  it is also loved by thrips here.  they make those white marks on the bloom.  would crossing it with yesterday’s red chase the thrips away ???  two images

puppet lady macro puppet lady det

patience grasshopper

did i say that the time between the first early bloom and a steady beginning of bloom is the longest time of the year ?  well just in case i did not let me whine and reiterate.  we are still waiting.  other flowers are getting closer to joining the show.  just not close enough.  so back to last year’s pictures.  this is Chinese Temple Flower.  it has what is known as an applique eye.  like it was painted on.  when you turn around leaving the pebble in my hand i will know the garden is in bloom grasshopper…  two images

chinese temple flower macro chinese temple flower det


next note

the other night i was not sure if a flower was Noe Claire.  tonight a little farther down the virtual row of flower pictures i have become sure.  sure that the first flower was not.  and sure that this flower is Noe Claire.  that note ( picture form ) sure helps.  even if, like most other things around here, it is a little fuzzy.  two images ( and a note )…

dw noe claire label dw noe claire macro dw noe claire det

no trumpets

the reason for this title is the shape of this flower.  some flowers are described as trumpets.  the petals make a cone shape that is best described as a trumpet.  some are very closed and cone shaped and others are more open.  today’s flower is so opposite it is anti-cone shaped.  as in no trace of a cone.   the petals radiate out in a flat plane from the very base of the flower.  one of the benefits of this orientation is  you get maximum view of the petals and color.  in the case of this flower it has a very large throat area, no eye zone, and the color of petal tips makes up something like a quarter of the visible surface.  which is another way to say the throat dominates the flower.  perhaps that is why it was named Kermit’s Scream.  a 6 inch 25 cm bloom.  two images…   and yes this one is in Dave’s garden.   and yes yes who needs trumpets when Kermit is screaming so loud ! ? !

dw kermit's scream det dw kermit's scream macro

note !

sometimes you have a note and sometimes you don’t.  take a note.  we have a note today.  the flower is Dream Sequence.   a 32 in 81 cm tall plant with an 8.5 in 21.5 cm bloom.  and if i didn’t look it up i would never have guessed it is a child of Regency Heights.   i will have to visit Dave’s garden more often.  two images…

dw dream sequence det dw dream sequence macro IMG_3555

more notes

done it again i have.  neglected the notes and hoped there was a good memory.  for sure this is an edge no eye daylily.  it might even be Noe Claire – however i am not sure so we will leave it at that.  no matter what is an opposite standard of the daylily with an eyezone.   and a gorgeous and contrasting standard at that.  two images…

dw edge no eye macro dw edge no eye det


is – not is not.  the last couple of days it has been plants that are at Dave’s garden – and not in mine.  tonight it is both.  plants that are in Dave’s garden and are also in my garden.   and while they are both daylilies they are opposites in terms of form.  one – Skinwalker is large and flowing.   a spider form that is listed at 8.5 inches 21.5 cm that if it was uncurled would be considerably more.  and the second is small and roundish – Siloam David Kirchhoff – is listed at 3.5 inches 8.9 cm.  likewise Sinkwalker is tall while Siloam David Kirchoff is not.  so yes both are daylilies.  and they are in both of our gardens.  four images.

dw skinwalker garden IMG_3551 dw skinwalker det IMG_3551 dw siloam david kirchhoff det dw siloam david kirchhoff macro


more from Dave’s

more pictures of Dave’s flowers.  simple.  and simply great.  i am fairly sure this is a registered plant and not a seedling.  then again i am relying on memory so i just might be wrong.  two images…

dw no note macro dw no note det


and a marble.  i should know already.   add a new garden space and i am digging in urban landfill.   one little green marble and more broken stone fill than I can imagine.  maybe even more than i can dig.  that and a few old apple tree roots to keep it really interesting.  if i am real lucky tomorrow i will get the rest of the roots and rocks out and get those three plants in there.  this is another plant from Dave’s garden.  it is called Clarification.   the reason is this flower is a good parent to choose when you want to improve the color of another seedling.  or it could just bloom there and look pretty.  two images…

dw clarification macro dw clarification det


soon the seedlings will be ready to bloom.  before that there are some other things that should happen too.  the selects need to be moved out of the observation bed to a permanent location.   the rest of the bed needs to be cleared for the flagged seedlings in the 3rd year seedling bed.  both of these things could have happened last fall.  oh well as long as they happen this spring.   and then this year’s seeds need to be sorted for planting replanting the seedling bed.  so the crosses and the seed counts will go into a spread sheet and seeds will be selected for planting.   about half and half between tetraploid seeds and diploid seeds.  now back to that next flower from Dave’s garden.  another seedling.  two images…

dw sdlg 14-003  macro dw sdlg 14-003  det