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step back

and look. then step close. and look. often there are several things going on in a flower. as i walk up to it in the garden i see one look. and i am drawn to it. as i get closer the change in proximity change the look. visually the flower resolves into a different look. walking into most daylily gardens at distance the oranges and yellows stand out. walk in a few steps and the purples and reds come into perception. then the whites and other shades work their way to visual presence. step even closer and details of edges and eyes work their way to the surface. up close all sorts of details reveal themselves. this is true of all elements of nature. it would take too many flowers to do this here. and it would still be a poor duplication. try to sense it the next time you encounter a garden or any other natural phenomenon. we can try it in a small way here with one flower. looking at it across the room i see a purple, a lavender flower. stepping closer i see what i take to be a white center. stepping even closer i see it is not just a white center. it is more complex even if my senses first and over whelmingly see white. upon closer observation, yes closer, there is a rainbow like area. an area where there is no clear line where on hue stops and another starts. purple evolves to lavender evolves to the faintest hue of lavender evolves to the softest cream evolves to the softest faintest blush of yellow evolves to a faint shade of butter. no coma no line no warning of the next hue only a gentle fog that takes you from one spectrum to another…

more drops

it has not been raining here today. and these images are from last summer. however the rain drops worked for yesterday’s post. so why not today ? the name of this flower is Rainbow Maker. if it does not bring a pot of gold i hope it brings a smile to your day…


every cross the genes are stirred. depending on the cross we can sort out if they were stirred, whisked, chopped, or blended. this cross is between a big skinny spider and pattern that itself while not big and skinny is still a bit of a star. the cross is Alien Stardust x Heavenly Zebra Stripes. this past summer two of five seedlings bloomed. so more surprises may be in store. part of this cross is to see if the pattern will show up in the seedlings…


a continuation of maybe from last night. now to find those pieces parts. and add the eggs-plan-nations. and maydid even make sense. or come relatively close to sense.

the closest image i could find of Gail Braunstein is a seedling of Gail Braunstein. not an exact match still it is a purple flower marked ‘almost Gail.’ and that is close enough for tonight… yeah relatively close…


two generations of crosses are all that separate Dashing Prince from Vertical Horizon. these are not my crosses. they happened in somebody else’s garden. Dashing Prince has been in our garden for several years. i have not used it to make any crosses. Vertical Horizon has made a lot of seedlings here. if you look close somewhere along the path from Dashing Prince to Vertical Horizon some things were added. and still the family resemblance is there. so first parental history. a group of dark eyed daylilies. the family tree.

And now to fill in the pictures.

to see an image of King of Prussia

Vertical Horizon has a larger eye zone with a pointy edge, a dark purple edge around the petals and ruffles. and still it resembles Dashing Prince in many ways.

who’s side is he on?

who’s side is he on ? this is supposed to be war on the virus. hospitals are full of covid-19 patients. retired doctors and nurses and military national guard are helping regular doctors and nurses fight this virus. After telling these medical warriors he appreciates what they are doing what does he do ? he calls social distancing politically correct. he tweets protesters to liberate the states of michigan, minnesota, virginia. social distancing and stay at home orders are all that is holding the tide of covid-19 patients at our hospitals. does he care about any of our medical and first responders? does he care about the bodies filling emergency morgues ? does he really care about this war ? ask yourself – who’s side is he on ?


these are two seedlings from the same pod. the colors of the petals are similar. the petals might be similar in shape. they are not so similar in how they unfold. and there in lies the game. finding elements in one flower or another and trying to bring them together in the seeds for the next flower. and knowing that mother nature will have a hand or petal in how those possibilities will combine. she does not always listen when asked to hold the pickles and add a little extra mustard…