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besides being random and italicized posts may appear on a slightly different and irregular schedule or unscheduled the next few days.  the tablet is only part of the reason slash confusion.



awaker tonight

not quicker mind you.  just awaker.  and while i am it would be a good thing to finish.  bloom of the hybrid daylilies gets closer and closer.  and still not close enough yet.  until then six images…and no taking this night off.


dandelions, daylilies, and lilacs

and not so slowly the season starts.  it is spring.  we do not call it spring for nothing.   when things start growing they do spring into action.  watching nature line jump to see who will be the first to bloom.  and to get those dandelion seeds into the wind.  and watching a seedling make it through the winter.  six images…

16-080 11-052 Wild One x Autumn Minaret) x John Sheehan x (She Who Must be Obeyed


in the coming weeks it will be time to get back into the garden.  the flagged plants will need to moved and the old seedling bed cleared.  this year’s crop of seeds will need to be sorted and selected.  and most importantly planted.  between all that there will be daffodils, tulips, Virginia Bluebells and other assorted blooms to watch.  and eventually the daylilies will get into line and it will be time to make new pictures.  and see what surprises are ready to come from the next batch of seedlings.  six images…


daylilies mostly keep it simple.  they say what they need to say with three petals and three sepals.  that is all they need.  some days they get really wordy and do it with a double flower or a few more petals and sepals.  so when did i get the idea of over explaining something that has been working for hundreds and hundreds of years ?  let’s go with the flowers.  six images…

17-0705-002 Big Orange spider


did you see ?   the calendar claims it is spring.  though i thing winter and spring are still arguing.  a kind of family ruckus where no one wins.  yes it is spring.  it was sunny today.  and cold like winter.  cold as winter in fact.  so for a while the argument will continue.  eventually some other flowers will announce what the calendar wanted to say.  that winter has lost its energy to argue.  seven images…

smoke scream x (breath of blue air x Mascara Snake


idea.  darn it happened again.  that plan thing from last night.  of course i used the same justification i do when i want to buy a new daylily too.  i don’t have a problem.  daylilies are good and i need more.  yes the yard is pretty much full.  don’t worry i will figure out where to put it.  yes i might need to move 3 or 6 plants before i get the new one where it needs to be.  look i told you this is not a problem.  eight images…

10-081 Smoke Scream x Talon