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occurs twice a year.  on the shortest day and the longest day.  begins with sols – warm like the sun.  ends with ice. cold like snow.  where the sleapy author fits in is anybody’s guess.  will be back in the morning to sort the picture thingy out.  fare well and to all g.ood night.


easy peasy

not.  nature prefers a bit of stubbornness on most occasions.  you will see parts of your hopes.  and other parts will be missing.  both are late flowers.  one is a seedling from Adeline Goldner.  it is more open and star shaped.  the other, Sky Captain is rounder and taller and pinker.  and the seedling is somewhere in the middle.  it requires more imagination and some pollen to match.  can i find either ?  after all the garden is as much reality as it is a place of dreams.  four images…


14-107 Sky Captain x 11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x (Monster x Lavender Branch)

a twist

this flower has a twist.  in the flower and in the name of the flower.  a purple star 7 inches 18 cm in size.  a big bold flower.  perhaps someday i will figure what other flowers it might be crossed to for the next step.  i will just have to try those out one idea at a time.   three images…


what is the difference between a punindrome and a palindrome ?  quit dodging the task and post !   why don’t you take another nap and come back when you are ready to answer the first question ?  what is the technical term of the argument which occurs between two sides of a sleep stunned brain ?  don’t talk to him – he will only insult our intelligence.  besides this has all become pointless.  the spell checker has dropped the ignore option.  there is a pun there and we must move on without it.  three images and all sorts of glares…