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what is the difference between a punindrome and a palindrome ?  quit dodging the task and post !   why don’t you take another nap and come back when you are ready to answer the first question ?  what is the technical term of the argument which occurs between two sides of a sleep stunned brain ?  don’t talk to him – he will only insult our intelligence.  besides this has all become pointless.  the spell checker has dropped the ignore option.  there is a pun there and we must move on without it.  three images and all sorts of glares…


Green Inferno

a rather strange name for a flower.  of course it is a rather unusual flower.  long and skinny with streaks of green wanting to over power the yellow.  anyway you look at it it is a striking flower.  three images…


mother nature gets in a mood.  normally daylily flowers have three petals and three sepals.  this flower does not.  it has two petals and two sepals.  and there are just four stamens instead of the normal six.  i would like to know where flowers learn to count and what makes them change their minds.  three images…

back when

this is an older flower in two very different ways.   Orchid Corsage dates back to 1975.  the flower in my garden dates back to the days when i started making seed.  my earliest experiments in hybridizing.  now that i have doing this awhile it is still an experiment.  i have heard told that the combinations of daylily genetics are like the stars in the sky.  there are to many combinations to begin to count.  maybe that is why there are so many surprises.  three images..