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lavender sibling

i do try not to repeat too quickly a flower that has recently been shown.  unfortunately that effort involves a steel trap that resembles a mind.  rusted shut.   sometimes there are other ways around this.  and sometimes they even work as intended.   eventually after some thrashing around  a new image is found.  this one is a lighter colored sib of a darker purple seedling.  the cross is 11-014 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker.  two images…

11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker det




symmetry is usually a part of the description of daylilies.   three petals, three sepals, and six stamens surrounding the central pistil.  usually.  when there are extra petals and sepals they usually come in sets.  another petal, another sepal, and two more stamens.  some days asymmetrical rules.  this day is one of those.  there are four petals.  there could be another sepal hiding behind.  then we count the stamens.   and there are seven.  no where for that other stamen can hide.  still pretty.  just asymmetrically so.  two images.  and the flower is Chocolate Cherry Dreams

chocolate cherry dreams det chocolate cherry dreams macro IMG_2867

something very

very pink.  a seedling.  a cross of  Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein.  does it need more than pink ?  two images…

12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein macro 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein det

something old

something new.  the formula can be used in the garden for seedlings too.  this seedling is from a cross of an old plant Autumn Minaret and a fairly newer plant Bark At Me.  one plant from the year 1951 and the other 1999.  with genetics it is not when you choose it is what you choose.  and we will try to stay away from the dinosaur fantasy movies.  however, if you see me running in the garden…. try to keep up….    two images…

10-067 bark at me x autumn minaret macro 10-067 bark at me x autumn minaret det7/14



sometimes the close up is good.  sometimes something else is called for.  some views of the garden and Bibbity Bobbity Boo.   if you look closely up that brick path the short flower at the head of the path is Bibbity Bobbity Boo.   a bit of magic for the new year.  so step back and look at the year from a different perspective.  it may change your view of things.  hoping you have a happy new year .  four images…

garden left circle yrd vw IMG_1743 garden center yrd vw IMG_1742 garden right of circle yrd vw IMG_1741 Bibbity Bobbity Boo det



?  is it  fair to compare two flowers from the same garden on the same day ?   pictures from a summer day mind you.  both yellow.  one is tetraploid – more chromosomes.  and one is diploid – less chromosomes.  one has ruffles.  one has a smooth edge.  one is a bloom twice the size of the other.   one is called Melodye Campbell and one is called Little Rainbow.  so is it fair ?  how would you compare…?  three images

melody campbell det

little rainbow det 003 little rainbow clump 003


not a double

it looks like a double.  it has as many petal looking protrusions like a double.  so why is it not a double ?   well several of those central petals have a stamen embedded in them.  and that would make them petaloids.  tissue that looks like a petal and is actually something else…  and just about every day here – in the summer that is – it blooms in this not a double form.  with plenty of petaloids….  two images  Aztec Prince

aztec prince macro aztec prince

in the picture

you have to get out into the garden to get into the picture.  even if like now it is several months later.  yes it is a bit of chaos out there.  it is hidden sometimes by editing.  i was going to say careful editing, then decided that it was to limiting. to anti-chaos.  and sometimes we need to acknowledge the chaos.  and live with it.  not deny it.  not sugar coat it.  and not try to hide it.  so now on to the chaos of the flower.  one of mine.  named even.  named with help from a gardening friend.  Rainbow Afterglow from a big flower – Open Hearth and a little flower – Little Rainbow.  from old chaos comes new chaos.  four images  – sometimes the focus changes and we still need to look…

rainbow after glow out of focus IMG_1536 rainbow after glow focus IMG_1537

rainbow after glow det IMG_1537 rainbow afterglow macro



not skinny

a daylily can be shaped by the temperature as much as by its genetics.  so on this day the flower was not skinny.  not so many days before it was skinny…  two images  Apophis.



milk mustache ?

some people have called the light grey eye zones chalky.  this one has some of that and a touch of purple too.  either way it is interesting.  and a few moments more observation and the uneven chiseled edge starts to take over.  there are moments when i like to think of it as a frosty crystal milk mustache.  two images – Thais

thais macro thais det