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more from last summer

can spring time start with the dreams of last summer ?  can we set off on roads untraveled ?  delayed.  held in suspension by a time called winter ?  i believe it can.  then again dreams are wispy things.  here hold this.  if you can.  seven images…

14-111 String Chess Incident x 10-026 Highland Pinched Fingers x Colberg Preview

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream


this old mansion

it is late.  it is my normal time to pick a few pictures and figure out what i can say that is not too dumb and does not involve inserting pedestrian mode devices into mouth or typing fingers.  the tv is on and dear wife has one of the you could buy this house aka mansion shows.  imagine having coffee on that porch before starting my busy day.  well that is what the show says.  me – imagine walking out into the garden with my cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning.  well i will stick to my slightly stronger beverage for the moment.  and tomorrow morning i will go over these pictures again steaming beverage in hand.  and know summer is not that far away.  six images…

11-026 Thais x Cameroons

11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers)

14-000 srf kid

14-022 Orchid Lady Slipper x 12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

14-066 12-0622-001 orange spider) x Poultry In Motion

14-109 Dark Counterpoint x Scandinavia

oh type

translated by Gandalf it might be run you fool of a Took.  however and whichever way too it is good advice.  this is the next generation.  yesterday’s plant is one parent.  and this is one of its children.  so it goes from that color to this.  and yes knowing still fascinates me.  now run you fools – before the goblins take over…   sorry mostly in dreamland…  four images…

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker IMG_2210 macro2 14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker IMG_2210 macro 14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker IMG_2210 det

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker


more than July

the three flowers today are from July.  this past weekend i got to go back to Dayton and see even more daylilies.  maybe more than i can imagine.  it was the Shirley Farmer hybridizer meeting.  about 70 people all quite interested in daylilies.  a place for anyone  interested in hybridizing daylilies to share ideas and dreams.  beginners and people long past reclamation by therapy  met this weekend.  they shared pictures of their flowers this summer.  it was a magnificent overdose of fun in the garden.  now back to those pictures from this summer.  six images…

nsb 9912 det nsb 9912 macro nsb 9913 det nsb 9913 macro nsb 9914 det nsb 9914 macro

could be-s

could be-s exploring english and the garden.  sometimes either one can fall in that middle gray area.  of course both plants and english are living things.  we change them everyday.  or at least often.  and there seldom is a sign when they will change.  yet eventually they do.  this daylily in Xenia may eventually have a more dominant pattern.  if someday it is crossed with another daylily that will reinforce the pattern it has now.  and english might just change so to better describe that pattern.  or it might change in a direction of its own.  three images…

rbg 9813 purple pattern macro2 rbg 9813 purple pattern macro1 rbg 9813 purple pattern det


sibs and parents

somewhere around here the other parent lurks…  who knows it might even be found before the post is done.   the cross is 13-011 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch ) x Sky Captain.  and now that both parents have been found we can do just that.  Sky Captain is a late blooming flower.  it is a tall sturdy plant.  it reaches to just under the 4 foot fence.  normal height is 50 inches, so this year it is a touch shorter than normal.  the other parent is an orange seedling that is a strong plant, a good match for Sky Captain, just not quite as big and still close enough if we are trying to keep the size.  three seedlings came out of this cross.  they are close in plant size, a touch smaller ( so far ) in bloom size.  and the seedlings come in three colors, orange, red, and a peachy poly chrome.  we can work on stretching these flowers out of their tight round form and into a more open star. five images.  you can’t make all the changes at once and we are excited about the orange being in the mix.  Sky Captain,  the seedling half of the cross Monster x Lavender Branch followed be the three new seedlings.

Sky Captain  grdn 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch grdn IMG_2554

13-011 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch ) x Sky Captain  orange grdn IMG_3539 13-011 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch ) x Sky Captain red grdn 13-011 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch ) x Sky Captain grdn poly chrm IMG_2736 13-011 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch ) x Sky Captain macro poly chrm


no it is not the combination to the royal luggage.  it is the listing number of a seedling that for the moment resides in Pennsylvania.  one that i find quite interesting.  the interest comes from its simple color pattern.  and at this moment i shall defer to the expert.  two images…



PS – EP this is your moment to say AHHA !  i would try to explain it –  the best way is to try to imagine a lavatory covered with a single ceramic surface.  ….  very few tile.

directions included

finally someone remembered to pack the instructions !  use this pollen on those plants.  or take me to your garden.  or that is a petal.  or there are more flowers here.  say something nice or i will do a scarecrow to you ( wizard of oz ) “what happened to you ?  …flying monkeys…  parts of me are over here, parts of me are over there !”  … but don’t worry, its okay as long as i am still in the garden….  ( that was in the extended version – the one that is still playing in my head ).  so is there a flower with all of this stuff ?   yes there is, first one more – pay no attention to those arrows or the little dog barking at the man behind the curtain…

three images…. ( please disregard the other images verbally portrayed )

rbg sh001 macro 2 pattern rbg sh001 macro pattern rbg sh001 det pattern

oh one last direction… that is a hand.

a little story

for now at least.   this is a first year seedling.  a first bloom.  the cross is Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella’s Ruffled Fingers) x Plenteous).  many things are possible with this flower.  so i think i will just sit back and watch them unfold in a relaxed excited sort of way.  the whole plant, flower and all is no taller than my extended hand.  somewhere about 8 inches 20.3 cm.  and the flower is in the 3 inch 7.6 cm range.  it has 3 years to mature.  both Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and Plenteous have rebloom in their genetic history.  time will tell what might be.  four images…

Little Rainbow x Talon) x SRF) x Plenteous grdn IMG_8686 Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella's Ruffled Fingers scale IMG_8687

Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella's Ruffled Fingers macro Little Rainbow x Talon) x SRF) x Plenteous det

remember the picture you found

some nights i find two pictures.  and one wins out and the other one often gets lost.  tonight the other picture from last night did not get lost.  Chateau Lafite the flower name that i almost always have to look up.  no i cannot spell French most days.  and i will most likely mess up c’set la vie ( or look that up too ! )  anyway Chateau Lafite is another one of those flowers that keeps shouting “cross me !”  perhaps this year is the year.  two images…  i might have to save ( freeze ) some Royal Ensign pollen for Chateau Lafite.  yes one is an early and the other one is a late bloomer…