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living on the edge

well that’s a good start to move in any one of six or sixteen different directions.  the edge of summer ?  the edge of the daylily petal ?   coming back to the same flower too soon ?  or showing two different flowers in one post and risk running out of images during the off season.  or go really over the edge and admit there is an off ( finite bloom) season.   or really really over the edge and make a non-affirmative statement about Tinker Bell.  that might be too far for even me…  now to those alleged flowers whose ephemeral existence cannot be extended by affirmative statements.  let’s go with two different flowers on the same day, Good Rockin Tonight and Unique Purple.  One is tall and red and the other is short and purple.  One has been here a good while and the other is on its second year in the garden.  both still hold my attention fairly well and there is still much to learn about both of them.  especially what sort of plants that might come from using these plants in other crosses.  Good Rockin Tonight is the tall and red.  would it be too much to ask for Unique Purple to be purple ?   could that tingling be my sense of edge ?   or the scotch ?  ( that was not dry humor…)  four images…

unique purple macro unique purple det good rockin tonight macro good rockin tonight det


lavender again ! ? !

yes.  another Irish Lullaby seedling.   this one is a cross with another seedling –  Blue Lustre and Mascara Snake.  this one has full formed round petals.  it is not as skinny as yesterday’s flower.  and it is every bit as pretty.

12-150 Irish Lullaby x 11-07-27-A Blue Luster x breath of blue air x mascara snake det 12-150 Irish Lullaby x 11-07-27-A Blue Luster x breath of blue air x mascara snake macro


what to count

we do not count the days to spring.  at least not this year.  though we are waiting for it.  we do not count the visitors.  or the likes.  though they can be encouraging.

we do count – or try to count that it has been more than a few days, even months since an individual flower was last seen.   we do count that the color does not stay the same too long, that there is some variety.

mostly we count that there is a flower to share each day.  and if it can brighten someone else’s day we then that is something to count.   let’s go with purple on purple today.  and some ruffles.  two images from Cup of Cold Water…

cup of cold water det cup of cold water macro





find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro





we have now left to seedling bed.  still on the path.  and this is someone else’s lovely.  the flower is called Sky Captain.  you might be able to see the work of  the apprentice pollinator.  the pistil is hiding under a coat of pollen.  there should be some seedlings coming along from this one and more to plant this spring… two images

sky captain det sky captain macro



not black and white

this picture is as clear as orange and yellow.  or is it as clear as yellow and orange.  all i do know for sure is it is time to send out a flower.  someone somewhere just might need one.  three images…

orange and yellow garden IMG_3108

orange and yellow macro IMG_3108 orange and yellow det IMG_3108



this is an orange seedling.  no tag.  it does have a tooth.  a few of them.  tiny little triangles along the edge of the petal.  other hybridizers have taken flowers like this and crossed them to produce flowers with teeth all along the edge.  flowers that look to have solid saw tooth edges.  flowers that almost look dangerous.  well maybe if you have a really far fetched imagination.   the other detail – scheduled posts in wordpress take some understanding.  one that i have not quite managed.  yesterday’s post did not appear  on schedule.  then again when hasn’t life been an adventure.  so much for the details.  one image…

orange unknown with tooth det


?  is it  fair to compare two flowers from the same garden on the same day ?   pictures from a summer day mind you.  both yellow.  one is tetraploid – more chromosomes.  and one is diploid – less chromosomes.  one has ruffles.  one has a smooth edge.  one is a bloom twice the size of the other.   one is called Melodye Campbell and one is called Little Rainbow.  so is it fair ?  how would you compare…?  three images

melody campbell det

little rainbow det 003 little rainbow clump 003


a little light

a little more light.  Copernicus a purple flower with a little gold edge.  a flower for a day with a little more light.  yesterday was the winter solstice.  today …. is a day with a little more light.  perhaps not the perfect combination.  still a good enough match for a day like today.  let there be a little more light…   two images

copernicus macro copernicus det


ruffles and rebloom

and so it was flagged.  when you have ruffles, nice skinny petals, and throw in rebloom someone will inevitably flag the plant for further review.  trust me.  i watched him do it.  two images

12-147 Running Late x Swamp Apparition macro 12-147 Running Late x Swamp Apparition det