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root cause

i went into the garden with the intention to move some plants today.  i moved two.  one daylily.  and one old tree root.  i knew the tree root was there.  i just underestimated how stubborn the tree root was going to be.  now if the weather permits the rest of the moves should be easier.  and it was a good day to burn calories in the garden.  now back to that july day…



snap quiz

on any given day the daylilies are easily inclined to offer a snap quiz.  the can you see it kind of snap quiz.  the walking along looking at normal until they slip in the surprise.  were you paying attention ?  if you look at today’s flowers you should see mostly normal.  until you don’t.  odds are tomorrow the surprise flower will go back to normal.  and yes i have walked by and missed the surprise,  sometimes…

enter title here

this is not a technical error.  i did enter ‘enter title here.’  of course it is a challenge most nights when i start fumbling for words to describe the flowers.  it could be the universe’s way of balancing things.  the daylilies certainly aren’t  boring, so the words will be boring.  i guess i can deal with the karma.  share pretty flowers grasshopper.  oh and you will have to do it with boring words.  yup i can do that.  enjoy the flowers skip the words.


not for you.  for the garden.  during bloom season there is pretty much a daily survey.  what is blooming ?  sure the photographic assistant gets excited and skips some flowers.  and some days it rains so the images might be cut short.  still it is not unusual for there to be 150 or 250 pictures taken.  funny it seems i am still working on sorting out that haystack looking for the pretty needles and trying to remember all those names.  here are a few pictures from one of those surveys…

puzzle in motion

the garden is a puzzle in motion.  looking at a picture and seeing two flowers side by side or three pictures in a row i can often place my self at the correct plant in the garden.  often.  not always.  looking at the orange twisty dancing star i am puzzled.  i have one piece of a very large jigsaw puzzle that has been unceremoniously dumped out of the box.  can i dial a psychic friend ?  i have a find and flag task for next summer.  this is one i would rather not loose.  even if the puzzle is always in motion…

could we

could we walk around that garden through fall and winter ?  and look at flowers in spite of the season ?  i hope we can.  i might have enough pictures so we could dwell on summer a very long time.  perhaps until it returns to grace us again.

10-107 Highland Pinched Fingers x Blessed Art Thou


don’t ever

watch cartoons for juveniles late late at night.  and then select pictures.  one never knows what one will get.  in this case several of my favorite flowers.  on the day this first flower bloomed i was kind of like a little kid.  except for the jumping up and down part.  it is alright on the way up.  on the way down gravity takes over and things happen.  you could even dislodge the camera from your hands.  anyway the first flower was 9 inches across.  i coulda dropped my camera.  sorry for the deja vu part.  that is enough to make one drop… never mind.  for those who prefer centimeters that would be 22.8 cm.  needless to say the parents never bloomed quite so large.  talk about nice surprises.  the rest of the flowers were not too shabby either.

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker

14-109-B Dark Counterpoint x Scandinavia

14-020 Bagana x Venus of Willendorf