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colder than

those folks on the weather are saying chicago is going to be colder than antarctica.  which also means we are too close to chicago.  even if we are not getting quite as cold.  and the roller coaster will continue.  by sunday we are supposed to have a temperature of 49.  is deep winter and spring supposed to happen in the same week ?  and now it is time to interrupt the forecast.

11-1107-J Open Hearth x Trahlyta

14-005 Stella’s Ruffled Fingers x Plenteous

Walking The Pattern


yes winter

remember that peek-a-boo attitude ?  its winter.  am i here ?  or am i there ?  well winter is done playing around.  surprise !  i am really here.  if only i were not dog sitting this weekend.  the wind is blowing.  the snow is driven and packed.  i might have go out the front door in the morning.  and if it is still blowing like this the dog is likely to say – hey i’m done, lets get back in the house.  now !   it might just be a gooder day than i can begin to imagine.  stay indoors as much as possible.  and if the brain defrosts do a bit of garden dreaming.

12-1205-129 IL kid bi-tone

13-011-C 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain

not prose

when the dove is way up in the tree

that’s a high coo

not that dean martin song

14-012 12-042 Irish Lullaby x ((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch ) x Venus of Willendorf


hook up the new dishwasher.  find some pictures.  drift in and out of that conscious state.  opt for speedy indifference rather than panic.  that could result in mediocre words.  which the flowers will still undoubtedly outdo.  and still much better than sleeping through the publish button.  do try not to sleep before publish.  oh yes there are flowers and sunshine something we get very little of this time of the year living south of the lake.  think dependable cloud generator.  now for those flowers…

12-118 Diabolique x Purple Satellite

empty spots

today was for making empty spots.  the garden is full.  somethings need to come out before new things go in their place.  so today was for making empty spots.  plants on their way to somewhere else were dug out.  a couple more days of this and there just might be enough room come moving day.  now back to flowers from the past july…

looking vs seeing

often this part begins with ‘find a picture.’  ‘looking’ for a picture.  found a picture – hmm that would be seeing what i want.  there is a picture.  when i first saw it the thought was this is not good.  i was not seeing the daylilies.  there was clutter in the way.  then again maybe the not seeing came from not looking for that.  maybe i was looking for a ‘garden’ picture.  or even a nature picture.  we will get back to that.  so what do you see ?  or better what were you looking for ?   did you see the whole and not try to break it into discrete elements ?  did you choose primary and secondary elements to focus ?  did you choose to dismiss lesser elements ?  did you notice the blue larkspur ?  or should i say the mostly blue except for the pink petals.  did the unbloomed scape get mentally pushed out of the way so the large and mostly obscured flowers could be seen ?  or did the green and red coleus get your attention ?  so what have you been conditioned to see ?  it might be this picture was chosen to tell the story of nature.  a story where no one element is in front or in focus.  a story where only barely constrained chaos rules the day as soon as the gardener’s hand is drawn away.  well it is a theory – chaos that is.  and it might even explain why some days i walk right past the prettiest of visions…


summer daze

somewhere along the line we have passed the longest day of summer.  the summer solstice.  and the days will get warmer.  today the second brand new seedling bloomed.  aka 16-118 12-002 Random Control x Rose F Kennedy ) x 13-0702-001 Smoke Scream x Diabolique.   there are more to come.  summer has a way to go and some time to unfold.  the seedling and two other images…

16-118 12-002 Random Control x Rose F Kennedy ) x 13-0702-001 Smoke Scream x Diabolique