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gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro



what is a sib cross ?

a sib or sibling cross is what happens when you want to bring out a certain trait.  this seedling and its sib are a reason to try one of those sib crosses.  12-132 Smoke Scream x BP) FDR the red sibling.  and the lighter version.   three images…

12-132 Smoke Scream x BP) FDR red sib macro 12-132 Smoke Scream x BP) FDR red sib det

12-132 Smoke Scream x BP) FDR sib sbs



this is an orange seedling.  no tag.  it does have a tooth.  a few of them.  tiny little triangles along the edge of the petal.  other hybridizers have taken flowers like this and crossed them to produce flowers with teeth all along the edge.  flowers that look to have solid saw tooth edges.  flowers that almost look dangerous.  well maybe if you have a really far fetched imagination.   the other detail – scheduled posts in wordpress take some understanding.  one that i have not quite managed.  yesterday’s post did not appear  on schedule.  then again when hasn’t life been an adventure.  so much for the details.  one image…

orange unknown with tooth det

not skinny

a daylily can be shaped by the temperature as much as by its genetics.  so on this day the flower was not skinny.  not so many days before it was skinny…  two images  Apophis.




that is its name.  Talon.  we will put this under raw beauty…talon macro talon det

done, undone

one is done for the year.  the other one has decided it is a perfect time for a rebloom scape.  both are seedlings.  one shows bud scars.  the other shows buds…  two images

11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x (Monster x Lavender Branch) yr 12 seedling


tom’s flower

this flower was named for Tom.  not by me.  it was named by the man who hybridized it.  it is a late blooming flower.  it is its first year here.  so it is not yet as tall as its registered height of 53 inches 134.6 cm.  and i don’t think the bloom is quite 7.5 inches 19 cm.  though it might be close to that size.  so here is one of the flowers still blooming.  Tom Maloney  two images

tom maloney macro

tom maloney

not the purple seedling

this is a seedling.  a sibling of a purple seedling.  most often a brown seedling is not considered a choice to make.  perhaps not a choice over a purple sibling.  just a choice along side a purple sibling.  sometimes we just have to watch the unexpected and see what might come of it.  a brown seedling where no brown seedling was expected.  indeed a seedling where no purple seedling was expected.  12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern a yellow flower crossed with a yellow pink poly chrome flower.  one purple seedling and one brown seedling.  where will they go ?  two images

12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern  macro brown 12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern det brown


bud building

this is a seedling that has been blooming for several weeks.   it is a cross of Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly.  the bloom is in the 8 inch range.  and if you look closely behind today’s bloom you will see not just one, yet another bloom forming.  if you look closely at the base of the bud there is just the beginning of another new bud.  when a plant continues to add new buds – that is referred to as bud building.  if the temperature and weather remain favorable some plants will continue to add buds for several more weeks.  four images

13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly det 13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly scale


13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly  macro 13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly bud building



do not open till spring

the garden still has bloom.  daylily bloom even.  and now all those seed pods are starting to ripen, dry and split open.  mother nature would gladly handle the planting.  the seeds would fall here and there.  and while many would germinate in the spring, not nearly so many would survive to bloom.  the garden is a crowded jostling place where each plant has to fight for its place in the sun.  just a fraction of all those seeds make it to bloom and repeat the process in the natural scheme of things.  so here is a pod ripe on the scape.  a close up of a harvested pod.  seeds about to be stored in an envelope.  the cross is two early blooming plants that can rebloom on occasion.  perhaps the seeds will rebloom too.  and lastly one of those blooming flower things.  four images

pod on scape pod mm x paperbutterfly det

seeds do not open till spring IMG_6458 droopy drawers x ouchita beauty det