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there are days i would rather see the garden.  and there are days i would rather see the flower.  and there are days i cannot make up my mind.  there is no wrong answer.  it can be better to be in the garden undecided.  and undeciding.  two images…

IMG_3522 sdlg purple flower IMG_3521 sdlg purple garden


contrary star

stars are usually twinkle and bright.  something to see in the dark of night.  and then there is this red smouldering thing.  dark veins and a dark red flower.  something to pull you away from the glow in the day.  three images…

12-000 dark red grdn IMG_2387 12-000 dark red det IMG_238712-000 dark red macro IMG_2387


a red flower.  with teeth.  sharp ones.  and two purple flowers with a white edge and chalk eye zones.  and a few left over rain drops for good measure.  four images…

rbg 9762 red with yellow teeth det rbg 9762 red with yellow teeth macro

rbg 9764 purple chalk eye det rbg 9763 red chalk eye grdn

Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins

it looks a lot like the parent Coleman Hawkins .  except it has Freak Show mixed into the plant.  so it is not the same.  that similar thing again.  two similar.   three images…   Coleman Hawkins is first and Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins is next.  the seedling has a stronger midrib.

freak show x coleman hawkins macro 10-096 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins det

coleman hawkins sbs freak show x coleman hawkins


it is a Norwegian name, daughter of Asgrim.  the plant is tall and the flower is narrow.  all purple with a yellow throat.  what seedlings might come from this plant ?  there are four seedling that have come to be registered from this flower.   Valkyries Flight is a hint of what is hidden among those genes.  time will tell what else is lurking in the future of this daughter of Asgrim.

thorhalla det

i see a pattern developing

no not that one.  this set of patterns.  these pictures are from a daylily garden where the gardener is fascinated by daylilies.  daylilies with patterns.  markings in the eyezone that tend towards complex.  slightly complex to very complex.  depending on the day and the daylily.  weather, temperature, and the hot sunny ( or lack there of ) can affect the daylily and the pattern.  and they patterns are variable.  some daylilies can even totally loose the patterns on certain days.  others just have a different pattern from one day to the other.  and some can be fairly consistent.  so what else is to be expected from something fairly new and only partially understood ?   so onto these referenced patterns.  six images…  oh and we will work on that other pattern too !

bob f pattern seedling 001 orange det bob f pattern seedling 001 orange macro

bob f pattern seedling 002 apricot det bob f pattern seedling 002 apricot macro

bob f pattern seedling 003 yelleo det bob f pattern seedling 003 yelleo macro

bloom something

clever, pretty, different, just a little less than similar, something that re-arranges the common.  just bloom something and look for the edge of  normal.  three steps past normal and some might find it too difficult to follow.  this is the next flower in that row in a different garden.  then again next is sometimes hard to figure out.  so bloom something and take the time to figure it out.  two images…

sdlg km rbg14-023 macro sdlg km rbg14-023 det


this flower may go one step past yesterday’s flower.  no photoshop was involved.  still if someone said the petals came from one flower and the sepals came from another well in fairness we would have to give them the benefit of doubt.  they would however be quite wrong.  this is just one flower, one with a bounty of contrast.  two images from that other garden…

sdlg km rbg14-016 macro sdlg km rbg14-016 det