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an older orange seedling.  touches of red along the edge and in the eye.  three images…

seedling-orange-img_9946-macro seedling-orange-img_9946-det seedling-orange-img_9946



corner of the garden

there are flowers in the corner of the garden.  are they lost ?  or forgotten ?  or waiting ?  they might not be the first sight of or thought when one walks into the garden.  they are not forgotten.  one does have a flag tied to it.  and some day it might even get moved to a better spot and get used in some crosses.  part of the garden seed growing game is finding the right combination of parent plants.   who knows next time it might even be better pictures.   four images…

img 3767 corner bp x am and more sdlgs grdn 2 img 3767 corner bp x am and more sdlgs grdn 1 img 3767 corner bp x am and more sdlgs det2 img 3767 corner bp x am and more sdlgs det

Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins

it looks a lot like the parent Coleman Hawkins .  except it has Freak Show mixed into the plant.  so it is not the same.  that similar thing again.  two similar.   three images…   Coleman Hawkins is first and Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins is next.  the seedling has a stronger midrib.

freak show x coleman hawkins macro 10-096 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins det

coleman hawkins sbs freak show x coleman hawkins

beauty for a day

from the Greek Hemerocallis.  and just for a day.  then the flower fades into a dripping mess and quickly dries to a wisp.  moving yesterday’s flower left the ‘ink’ you see on my hand.  and there is little question to the size of this little beauty.  a cross of Nutmeg Elf x (Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard.  a strange combination that seems to have worked out just fine.  once it is moved from the relative shade of the seedling bed it too will play just fine in the sun.  three images…

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard  grdn IMG_4967

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard det Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard macro



it is orange.  it is a tetraploid  seedling.   and there are some seeds to plant this spring.  and where they will go will take two or three years to begin to answer.  so is gardening for answers or is it for a journey that travels time ?  two images

10-001 orange red seedling det 10-001 orange red seedling macro



remembering what i thought last night.  the parentage of last night’s seedling.  an eclectic mix of things.  an old plant Autumn Minaret with small flowers and tall scapes.  Wild One – old, just not as old as Autumn Minaret and short scapes and full petaled flowers.

wild one x autumn minaret sbs

then the seedling from that cross.  an orange medium height flower with the shape and size of Autumn Minaret crossed with John Sheehan.  A slightly taller scape an a much bigger skinny petaled flower.

10-120 Wild One x Autumn Minaret X JOHN SHEEHAN SBS

and now to bring back yesterday’s seedling 11-052 Wild One x Autumn Minaret) x John Sheehan

11-052 wild one x autumn minaret) x John Sheehan det


oh – and remembering to take a nice long nap before any of these pictures.  it is amazing one can do any rhyming with such disorder…

not complicated

not tonight.  find a flower.  somehow skip the semi mandatory nap.  watch penguins on Nature.  and post a picture.  still on the path.  and even throw in another label.  worry not the labels will hide of their own accord.   two images.   Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x North Wind

12-105 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x Northwind Dancer det 12-105 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x Northwind macro



not black and white

this picture is as clear as orange and yellow.  or is it as clear as yellow and orange.  all i do know for sure is it is time to send out a flower.  someone somewhere just might need one.  three images…

orange and yellow garden IMG_3108

orange and yellow macro IMG_3108 orange and yellow det IMG_3108


road lily

a k a ditch lily.  a k a kwanso.   a roadside daylily with double flowers.   also a daylily that my neighbors have that keeps trying to grow into my daylilies.  lets just say messy and aggravating.  and like the flower a couple of days back the inner layer of petals often have a stamen attached because they are petaloids.  that is not true petals.  and they have the red eye zone next to the yellow throat.  and they have that odd number of chromosomes, three sets, thirty three chromosomes to keep things mostly sterile.  just don’t plant them next to a treasured plant.  because they are liable to grow up, over, and through said favored plant.  this plant sends out runners.  next to the road or by itself it is okay.  oh and most plants – given the right environment would do the same thing to the competition.

road lily det


this is an orange seedling.  no tag.  it does have a tooth.  a few of them.  tiny little triangles along the edge of the petal.  other hybridizers have taken flowers like this and crossed them to produce flowers with teeth all along the edge.  flowers that look to have solid saw tooth edges.  flowers that almost look dangerous.  well maybe if you have a really far fetched imagination.   the other detail – scheduled posts in wordpress take some understanding.  one that i have not quite managed.  yesterday’s post did not appear  on schedule.  then again when hasn’t life been an adventure.  so much for the details.  one image…

orange unknown with tooth det