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a color of a flower to share today.  the petals twist and flow.  as do the color red on those petals.  as do the winds on these ending days of fall.  come solstice.  come winter.  three images…

12-000 red IMG_1482 macro 12-000 red IMG_1482 det 12-000 red IMG_1482 grdn


see and

be drawn.  from a distance the dark eye zone calls for attention.  once the dark eye brings you in close the other aspects of this flower become visible.  up close the veins in the petals give the flower another dimension to view.  three images…

ss x bp) x fdr grdnIMG_2009

ss x bp) x fdr macro IMG_2009 ss x bp) x fdr det IMG_2009


there is a tag for this one.  it may even be in one of the pictures.   the spot in the garden where this seedling sits is known to me.  so for the purposes of this post there is no mystery.  unless someone absolutely insists on knowing the names in the cross.  though i doubt that the front left corner of the second 2012 seedling bed would mean much to others.  still it works for me.  it is a diploid.  it is a shade of red.  and it is moving to the observation bed.  the other thing i know it too many 2012 seedlings are planned for the limited space in this year’s observation bed.  a dilemma that i know i must deal with.  though resolve might be a somewhat misleading word in this case.  two images of that reddish seedling…

12-011 red seedling det 12-011 red seedling macro


a seedling

this is one of many seedlings planted in 2012.   some bloomed in 2013.  more bloomed in 2014.  this one is from Open Hearth heritage.  it has the colors of Open Heath and the petals have gone much skinnier.  which is what i was hoping.  this spring like most springs the challenge is to select the plants with the most promise to move out of the seedling bed and to the observation bed.  and not put too many too close together.  they do need a bit of room to bloom.

12-0199 seedling from open hearth line det


come in

come in from the garden its dark out there.  in about 3 months it will be time to remember that bit of wisdom.   a red seedling.  two images…

red seedling in the dark garden


red seedling in the dark det


beauty for a day

from the Greek Hemerocallis.  and just for a day.  then the flower fades into a dripping mess and quickly dries to a wisp.  moving yesterday’s flower left the ‘ink’ you see on my hand.  and there is little question to the size of this little beauty.  a cross of Nutmeg Elf x (Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard.  a strange combination that seems to have worked out just fine.  once it is moved from the relative shade of the seedling bed it too will play just fine in the sun.  three images…

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard  grdn IMG_4967

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard det Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard macro


now in red

can i have that one in red ?  some days the answer is yes.  a different flower or a different day and the answer could be a firm maybe or a definite no.  not every plant wants to cooperate.  this is the red sibling to last night’s flower up the row.  that might even be the plant at the end of the row.  like it was said last night – some plants are put to work and there are lots of seedlings around the garden from those plants.  two images…

12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol red grdn 12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol red macro


a little more

just a bit more exploration.  this is a new seedling.  a seedling from a parent that has not been neglected and overlooked.  this particular cross is Smoke Scream x Black Plush) x Fol de Rol.   a bit of searching will turn up other Fol de Rol seedlings.  however this one requires no search.  two images..

12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol det 12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol macro



the daylily is Zoot Sims.  a bold red and yellow pattern.  and tetraploid and tall and pinched and skinny.  so why have i not figured out what it should be crossed with ?  some contemplation and pairing is required.  the standard answer in this garden… there is more to this flower.  so how can we discover this ?  perhaps this summer.  one image.

zoot sims det



gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro