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not black and white

this picture is as clear as orange and yellow.  or is it as clear as yellow and orange.  all i do know for sure is it is time to send out a flower.  someone somewhere just might need one.  three images…

orange and yellow garden IMG_3108

orange and yellow macro IMG_3108 orange and yellow det IMG_3108



red is the color

the color of a seedling.  a tall seedling.  one that stands over most of it neighbors.  red and decently branched.  diploid.  now all it needs is a decent landing spot after the spring garden shuffle.   because right now it sits in the bed that is going to be disassembled and reassembled.  motion is usually a good thing.  if it does not get out of control.  slow and steady and a little bit of planning.  three images…

red dip clump IMG_1765 red dip det IMG_1765

red dip det 001 red dip macro 001



this is an orange seedling.  no tag.  it does have a tooth.  a few of them.  tiny little triangles along the edge of the petal.  other hybridizers have taken flowers like this and crossed them to produce flowers with teeth all along the edge.  flowers that look to have solid saw tooth edges.  flowers that almost look dangerous.  well maybe if you have a really far fetched imagination.   the other detail – scheduled posts in wordpress take some understanding.  one that i have not quite managed.  yesterday’s post did not appear  on schedule.  then again when hasn’t life been an adventure.  so much for the details.  one image…

orange unknown with tooth det

jellybean jar

lots of flowers

Jellybean jar yard shot IMG_3739





this is another one with ruffles.  one of these days i must take a look at the toothy, ruffled, and otherwise edged ones and see what might be available to round out the picture of those here in the garden.  there are something like a dozen of them scattered here and there in the garden.  they are in the minority here and one or two more might help represent the group.  and it would add a bit to the variety here.   this is Ballroom Waltz  a pale pink flower with a golden edge.  strangely and inexplicably not everyone is fascinated with spiders and unusual forms.  so a bit of variety is a very good thing.  two images

ballroom waltz det  ballroom waltz macro

a dusting

a golden yellow flower with a dusting of red.  that is Wild One.  can a 36 year old flower be considered wild ?  so far for a flower that is neither skinny or twisty it still holds my attention when it blooms…  two images  Wild One

wild one IMG_9403 wild one macro 2


one more

there is another blooming still that i did not name last night.  i have a steel trap that is a lot like a mind.  just not precisely like one.  and yes rusted.  whether it is rusted shut or open is another matter.  let us get back to the naming.  this one blooms without competition in the front yard.  an oldie called Glittering Gift.  it is a 5 inch 51 cm bloom on a short plant.  it will have several more days bloom.  perhaps you may see why it was named so.  four images

glittering gift macro

glittering gift edge macro

glittering gift det

glittering gift