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is it okay to bringing in the grand parents ?   or is that going to far ?  i will not tell you how far some growers go back tracking parentage.  heck i might even be guilty, so i will not say it too loud.  this is a cross involving Asterisk x Walking the Pattern ( grand parents ) and left to right.  then Irish Lullaby x the seedling from Asterisk and Walking the Pattern.  again left to right.  and finally two images of the resulting seedling from that cross…  and if you get the chance share something with someone.  something nice…

asterisk x walking the pattern sbs

irish lullaby x (asterisk x walking the pattern) sbs bs


12-041 Irish Lullaby x 10-070 Asterisk x Walking the Pattern macro 001 12-041 Irish Lullaby x 10-070 Asterisk x Walking the Pattern det 001


words withheld

12-104 11-027-A x Monacan Trail macro 12-104 11-027-A x Monacan Trail det

learning to look

always keep your learner’s permit handy.  this is a rule for life that can even be used in the garden.  this is a seedling that is on its way to a memory.  it was not flagged for keeping.  it was not tagged when the image was captured.  and now having looked at it again some of those choices are regretted.  then again there is the choice of ripping out the last shred of grass from the yard.  or to say it simply i would need a bigger yard for this geometrically increasing daylily collection.  back to the flower.  i like the flow and pulse of color even if the shape of this flower is mostly round and compact.  two images…

unknown orange red 12-000 sdlg macro unknown orange red 12-000 sdlg det


s. o. s. a.

that would be see one see another.  two cousins, both crossed from Smoke Scream to different parents.  The first was crossed to Diabolique and the second to a seedling from Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret.  a truly remarkable similarity.  they are both quite beautiful and beyond that they are both quite different.  three images…

smoke scream x diabolique sbs 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret macro 001 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret det 001


a light story

how many pictures are enough ?   the answer to that question is another question.  how many stories do you want to tell ?  the picture needs to fit the story.  looking at today’s picture took me back to a picture from 2012.  why ?  because some days a comparison is a good thing.  most pictures i take are in the garden.  the flower, the time of day, the weather, what else is blooming and a couple other things go into the decision of how fast and how much posing goes into any one picture.   so part of today’s question is ‘how well does this picture show the flower ?’  is there another picture to compare ?  and there is.  a picture from several year’s ago taken at not such a sunny moment.  the older picture probably does a better job of showing the flower form and allows closer inspection of the details.  on the other hand the overcast light may not bring out the brilliance of the colors.  today’s story is color and light.  sometimes a little glare is a good thing.  oh and the flower name Emerald Eye.   three images..

emerald eye sbs itself

emerald eye det emerald eye macro



a bright yellow green throat, a narrow somewhat faint purple eye zone and a creamy slightly pink base petal color, that begins the description of this seedling.  compliment that with long open form petals, and some twist and movement in those petals.  and add just a touch of ruffling along the edge of the petals.  it makes a fairly accurate description of this seedling.  the cross is Prague Spring x Gift Tie.  two images..

prague spring x gift tie macro prague spring x gift tie det



door number c

search engines say no.  if i never mentioned the parents that may be so.  of course i am kinda bonkers on this seedling.  so i cannot imagine holding off so long posting it… then again stranger things are possible.  Thais x Flower Shop.   maybe this bloom will look as exciting to you ?   i will take the pretty behind door number C.   two images.  oh and if i did post it not too long ago… well i did say i was bonkers on this one

thais x flower shop macro 001 thais x flower shop det 001


did not let go

some seedlings i hang onto.  this is one.  10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush.  these are two of my favorite parents.  dark eyezone and a reddish petal color.  and skinny petals.  this is one of the places i like seeing a flower go.   three images

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush clump

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush det 10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush macro


out of the moonlight

a seedling out of a cross seedling (garden name – Little Rainbow’s big sister ) x Moonlit Masquerade.   and this is a picture of the seedling or another seedling from the same cross.   a different day, the next seedling in the row, or even a picture of the same plant later in the day can sometimes look different.    all of these possibilities are just as likely as the other.  what ever the case it is a slightly different look.  i guess i have enough problems looking at it in the daylight… three images.   the first is the two images of the cross side by side.  interesting to compare and still no clue if it is a sibling or the same plant on a different day.   and i will try not to come back to it again in two more months.

12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade sib sbs

12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade det 002 12-080 Little Rainbow's Big Sister x Moonlit Masquerade  macro 002


One Last Dance

i like coming back to a daylily that i have looked at before.  this one called One Last Dance.  it is a rose color bloom with a light pink watermark.  and a light edge around the petals.  a little bit of ruffling to the edge and that is all it needs.  two images..

one last dance macro one last dance det