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gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro




some daylilies have one set of petal one color and another set of petals another color.  usually it is obvious like one set white and the other pink or purple.  this one is not so obvious still it does the same thing.  one set of petals is a blue grey, the other a pink grey.  not a color combination one expects in the garden.  still it happens.  two images…

12-008 bi color grey det12-008 bi color grey macro




one more flower

a new year.  one more day.  the first one of many.  and there should be a flower, at least one for each day.  so shall we start with one more flower ?  three images  Grey Witch

grey witch clump IMG_1749

grey witch macro grey witch det



milk mustache ?

some people have called the light grey eye zones chalky.  this one has some of that and a touch of purple too.  either way it is interesting.  and a few moments more observation and the uneven chiseled edge starts to take over.  there are moments when i like to think of it as a frosty crystal milk mustache.  two images – Thais

thais macro thais det

a bit of an eye

a bit of an edge.  just a wink.  there is a narrow eye band, very faint and very pale.  a hint of a silvery grey zone and a barely darker outer edge.  there, still not quite there.   and a pale edge.  enough to move this seedling into the next bed.  enough to move me.  two imagesstb x cs x sdlg IMG_4509 stb x cs x sdlg IMG_4509 macro


variations on a theme

this is another flower that is still blooming.  it might actually be a late blooming flower, though it is not listed as such and i certainly don’t think of it as one.  that being said i am not about to go out into the garden and argue with a flower.  it is blooming now.  so now, this year, is the time for it to be enjoyed.  it is a purple flower.  a purple flower with what usually shows as a greyish cast over the petals.  being a purple temperature and weather can affect the shade of purple from one day to another.  so without too much fuss here are two different days.  the first is what i think of as a ‘normal’ grey cast view.  the second is a redder purple day with the original picture and a picasa software auto corrected image.  the second image does show the grey on the petals.  the other thing to keep in mind is most cameras are designed to take pretty pictures of faces.  human faces not flower faces.  they are designed to favor flesh tones.  one of these years i will train myself to adjust colors – particularly purples to have the image more closely resemble the subject.  i can work on purple petunias until the frosts hit.  one of these years that is.  so here are the pictures.  and despite the previous discussion i am enjoying the flower and not fretting or sweating the small stuff or the purple stuff.  so please do – enjoy !

unique purple unaltered representative day


unique purple sbs adjusted

home of the hungry butterfly

we had a visitor in the garden today.  a swallowtail butterfly.  swallowtails are on every continent except Antarctica.  i am glad this one stopped to dine.  evidently daylily nectar is on the menu.  this seedling passed one very important test.  three images

hungry swallowtail feeding

hungry swallowtail

hungry swallowtail macro

find a facet

look at the pictures.  look at the flowers.  picture found.  find some words ?  the daylilies can pretty much talk for themselves.  if.  if one takes the time and really looks.  if it is something more than ‘yup that is a daylily – gotta run…’   the key word in stop and smell the roses is ‘stop’.  stop the day in day out mad rush.  stop and experience nature.  stop rushing.  put nature, put observation, put beauty, put quiet, put something you can hold onto back into your life.  so find a facet of this flower.  today’s flower is Felyta.  A lavender star shaped flower.  a flower with a bit of an unusual facet.  between the yellow throat and the lavender petal is a cloudy foggy band.  a band with a hint of color.  a band of uniform width.  does it unite or does it divide ?  two images.

feleyta macro feleyta det

a little start

there are many patterned daylilies.  so why should i so to speak start over ?  the simple answer is there are not many diploid spidery patterned daylilies.  or perhaps i am just silly or stubborn.  so the first cross was Cerulean Star x Sings the Blues.  that seedling was in turn crossed with Katie’s Blues, the seedling pictured here.  now that seedling might be crossed with this seedling 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills.  that is if they will cross at all.  this one’s small pattern  appeared on its own.  nothing to speak of in the history of the three parents showed a pattern.  so back to that little start.  perhaps we shall follow it and see where it leads.  three images

cerulean star x sings the blues x katie's blue pm


cerulean star x sings the blues x katie's blue pm macro

12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills eye det IMG_4520

a very quick visit

part of the wonder of the garden is the unexpected glimpse of nature.  the neighbor’s mimosa tree did not fare well this past winter.  that means that the larkspur, phlox, and other flowers get to fill in as food for the hummer.  imagine the sound of a really heavy duty bee buzzing by.  that would be the surprise visits, fast visits of the hummer.  they don’t move slow so i was really happy to get any kind of picture.  after the hummer there is a daylily.  green zippy jewels come first.

hummer det

now for the flower.  River Hills is one of those rare daylilies that does not fade in the sun.  i just have the morning picture.  i will have to get an evening or mid day picture where the grey-purple pigment has darkened to match the rest of the flower.  River Hills – it adds its own kind of zip to the garden.  two images

river hills det river hills macro