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jellybean jar

lots of flowers

Jellybean jar yard shot IMG_3739




one more

there is another blooming still that i did not name last night.  i have a steel trap that is a lot like a mind.  just not precisely like one.  and yes rusted.  whether it is rusted shut or open is another matter.  let us get back to the naming.  this one blooms without competition in the front yard.  an oldie called Glittering Gift.  it is a 5 inch 51 cm bloom on a short plant.  it will have several more days bloom.  perhaps you may see why it was named so.  four images

glittering gift macro

glittering gift edge macro

glittering gift det

glittering gift


seedlings and seedlings

two generations.  both with late bloom.  both mostly yellow.  the first is a plant that has been crossed with lots of things.  it is a trumpet shaped bloom.  it is tall in the four foot range.  the second is a seedling of the first.  so they will look a bit similar.  mostly images that i will use to see a little of what this new seedling is doing.  one day’s observation is just a small slice of what a plant will do during a bloom season.  four images

11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM branching

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM  IMG_5805

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM  IMG_5804 side view

find a picture ?

i vaguely remember this concept.  i might even remember what comes next…    that was a dramatic pause.  if you heard the creaking of rusty hinges you’re not imagining things…  i have a rusty trap that is a lot like a brain.  now back to that picture.  this is Neverending Summer introduced by Dave Winter.  his garden is not far from mine.  and now this lovely grows in this garden.  it was planted here last fall.  it is known to rebloom.  yes it goes with the name.  next summer i hope to see it do just that…   unless it gets inspired this summer….  patience grasshopper…   two images

Neverending Summer


Neverending Summer macro

a spiral in the hand

is worth …..   a good look !    i am fairly sure this is a rex begonia.  it sure looks that way to me.  it is also spiraling.  the leaf does not so much end as fade into a smaller still growing spiral segment.  which if you are familiar with rex begonias each little piece of a leaf and vein is capable of becoming a new plant.  now let’s get back to that spiral and the leaf pattern. ain’t it just amazing ? ! ? !  oh and these are still from the garden we visited !  and if anyone asks just pretend this was not a math lesson.  three images.

rex begoinia spiral macro rex begoinia spiral det 2 rex begoinia spiral det

where you find them

here and there and anywhere.  this is one from the there category.  a daylily found there.  there in another garden.  no name.  just blooming pretty.

unknown yellow white daylily macro unknown yellow white daylily det