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well fed

this time of year tends to make one well fed.   and caution is advised.  the garden will be well fed in the spring as replanting occurs.  seen is the compost pile in spring, mid summer, and fall.  the first three to the left are working piles.  add a layer of plant matter about 12 inches deep 30.48 cm.  with a layer of dirt on top.   about one inch or up to six inches deep of dirt,  depending on how much time you have to keep things moving.  keep it barely damp and age for 9 to 12 months.  empty as needed.  it is good exercise.  and the finished product is at the far right.  it is great for planting.  it is also one component of keeping a place for a more natural balance of bugs in the garden.  we use compost, organic fertilizer, and companion plantings and natural predators here.  we do not use artificial fertilizers, or pesticides.  the lawn gets sunlight, rain, and a high cutting to minimize the growth of weeds  and little else.  it is not all grass by any measure.  there is a mix of clover and what others might call weeds.  to me it is a more balanced lawn.  and it is just green mulch to hold the soil in place until it can be changed to active garden.  let’s just say it is at least close to half garden.  the lawn here is meant to be a pathway – not a putting green.  or to put it dirt simple, more time in the garden and less time cutting the lawn.  four images…

moving-compost spring compost pile IMG_1386 grdn summer img_5785 compost fall grdn13-000-img_1413 det

wordless for how long ?

it seems the end of summer has finally come.  autumn is here.  i think the daylilies could manage wordless all week long straight through until spring.  though i don’t know if i could resist at least a few comments until then.  maybe even several more.  and a gratuitous pun here and there.  that would be the really difficult part.  and that approach has been totally ruined for tonight.  fortunately the daylilies are unperturbed by that fact.  please note the staid composure.   a Nutmeg Elf seedling… two images

nutmeg elf seedling IMG_4008 det nutmeg elf seedling IMG_4008

A pollen pattern

This is the heart of a flower.

12-134 Swamp Apparition x 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret pollen


And this is the seedling it belongs to.

12-134 Swamp Apparition x 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret det


Next summer we will find out how the heart of this flower beats.  Both parents are tall in the four foot range.  For now I am very happy with the bright yellow curling flower.  12-134 Swamp Apparition x 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret


Glittering Gift

Glittering Gift goes back a bit.  It was released in 1984.  Since then a lot of things have changed.  Now daylilies have big bubbly edges.  Glittering Gift has a gold colored edge.   Were different colored edges new when Glittering Gift made the scene ?  Some day I will have to run that down.  Just not tonight.   Now as the hypnotist never said, look into my edge….

glittering gift edge det

Okay if that did not work, look into the yellow eye.

glittering gift det

what might be found

What frames beauty ?  Can the elements change ?  Or is it simply the eye of the beholder ?  And the knowledge that if you do not look for beauty it might be right in front of you when you walk away.  What might be found if we only look ?

green fire not frans hals x orchid corsage

a flower for Friday

It may be late and the day coming to an end.  It is still a flower for Friday.  If it carries over into Saturday well that is okay too.  A seedling.  A purple.   A flowing star shape.  A moment.  A moment from this past summer.  Something to hold on while the snow flies.  Something to share.  12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite  A prayer for any reason each one of us has.

12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite det

how wise is the wizard ?

Or is it how wise is the blogger ?  The reason I ask – well somehow I have managed to not post about the parent plant of yesterday’s seedling.  So I guess in that regard the blogger just might be wise.   Let the child plant occasionally precede and introduce the parent.  So to bring this muddling to its un-natural stage setting to an end let us bring in the Wisest of Wizards.  A plant that despite its name which harkens back to olden times was registered much more recently,  in the year 1994.

wisest of wizards det

So yes Dan there is an element of casual chaos in the selection of these posts.  What is life with out surprises ?

a seedling

This is one of several Talon x Wind Frills seedlings that I am observing and hope to select.  I will start with the two parents and then the seedling.   I very much like the combination of these two.

talon x wind frills sbs


talon x wind frills det 2

purple static

Is there a better name for this purple seedling ?  Perhaps.  For tonight that is how I am going to consider it.  There are areas of different coloring.   A dark triangular eye and veins on the pale gray purple petals.  And there are darker purple stripes on the sepals.  And if you look again there is a brighter purple line that runs up the center of each petal and it is cloaked in a dusty purple cloud.  A cloud of purple static energy.  What do you see…


11-0726-D Black Plush x Trahlyta)x(Bark At Me x Black Plush det


The cross is 11-0726-D (Black Plush x Trahlyta) x (Bark At Me x Black Plush)

thinking twinkling

Do dark stars twinkle ?  Perhaps this one does just that.  It is the product of a couple of seedlings.  12-011 (09-004 Cerulean Star x Little Rainbow) x (11-0730-F Trahyta x Open Hearth).  The name is long and not very pretty.  Even though that is not an astronomical number – there just might be some twinkle involved.

12-011 09-004 cerulean star x little rainbow) x (11-0730-F Trahyta x Open Hearth det