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The garden – part 3

And this is a couple of views across the circle garden that occupies most of the yard.  The part where a large mulching object ( an above ground pool ) formerly took up space.  A small circle in the center with a just barely visible bird bath, and a larger circle that is broken into four sections by walk ways.  At least they were walk ways until the rains really encouraged every thing to grow, grow, grow !  I hope this gives you an idea what the garden looks like.

yrd det 007_13  yrd det 002_13

yrd det 005_13  yrd det 004_13

And that is it !

where have all the flowers gone ?

Since it is winter the answer is simple.  The ones up here are watching the hellebore bloom and the rest are in the Southern hemisphere.  And right here we are trying to post one a day.  Simply counting the days to spring in a floral numeric way.  Today’s flower is Raspberry Sickle, a flower with an interesting name.  Perhaps it is a reference to the color on the edge of the blossom.

RASPBERRY SICKLE39 more flowers until Spring.

a puzzlement

Then again there are many things in life that are… puzzlements.    That is why we have irony, sarcasm, humor, and puns.  At the moment there is nothing in way of explanation why such a pretty flower would have such a name.  But it does.  It is called Vampire Lestat.  It could be to honor the book of the same name.   Or it could have an entirely different story of its own.   This is the Vampire Lestat of the garden.  And this one while it conveys a dark side is definitely a creature of the light.

vampire lestatOne thing that is not a puzzlement and that would be the beauty of this flower.

Winter and a history with mystery

The name is Diabolique.  Whether or not is has anything at all to do with with the 1955 film will most likely remain a mystery.  It is an intrigue that can be explored as winter holds its grip.   For now please consider the flower.   Diabolique a lovely purple star shaped flower with a bit of a twist.  And occasionally it likes to throw a polymerous bloom into the mix.  To put it simply a few extra petals are added to the bloom.  A favorite for viewing in the garden.  And a parent of many exciting seedlings.   Mr Lambert used it in 8 of his other registrations.*   And it is a favorite parent in many seedlings here.

diabolique*  at the advanced search page fill in Hybridizer: Lambert  and  Parentage: Diabolique

The taste of old wine

The fun thing about daylilies is they come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.   And they come in many ages.  Take Black Plush it is an old daylily.  Introduced in 1955 it has been around for a few years.  Nearly older than me.  If you go to the AHS database advanced search and enter parentage ‘black plush’ you will find 43 daylilies that share those genes.  Most of them were introduced after 1990.  So much for the theory of crossing the latest and greatest with the latest and greatest.  Black Plush is a beauty in its own right.  It just took about 30 years for folks to figure out that lots of pretties follow in its plushI guess this is one other way to taste an old wine.

Bungee jumping in the garden

There are many things to be found and experienced.  Some are found all around the world.  And some are to be found all around the garden.  Put a seedling bed in your garden and watch the experiences begin.  Stir the genes just a little.  The number of combinations will surprise you and can take this flower in new directions.

Botanical bungee jumping and other garden thrills are there to be found.  They will send you soaring and pull you back for more.  They unfold each morning in the seedling bed.  Please keep your seat belt fastened until the ride comes to a complete and full stop.

Sometimes we go far to put something on the bucket list.  And sometimes something right here jumps on the bucket list and takes us farther than we could have imagined.  Both are very very good.

Launch point – a seedling crossed with a seedling from Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake.

dream time till bloom time

Bloom time is nearly done.   A few last plants are sending up scapes and struggling against the change of season.  Soon the only blooms to be seen will be digital transmissions from the southern hemisphere.

And so begins the season of dream time.  While we mark the days until the Winter Solstice, until spring, and until bloom will begin again we will dream.  Dream of change in the garden.  Some will dream of new plants seen in other gardens.  And for those who dabble in pollen and pods, we will dream of the seeds from this year’s harvest.  And dream of new combinations in the coming year.  New blooms, old blooms joined together bringing out traits to capture the eye and the imagination.

Welcome to dream time my pretty.

Trahlyta x Black Plush

A berry good idea for breakfast

Start breakfast with something that is good for you.  Before you eat that first meal feast your eyes on Blueberry Breakfast.

And for a snack afterwards check out the children Blueberry Breakfast has produced.  They come in other colors besides lavender.  Like yellow and white.  Two of the children are Dr. Strange Love  and Novarlis

What daylily should you like ?

Now that is just a silly question…. unless the one person in the world that should be answering it – you – is the one answering it.

I ain’t going to tell you which daylily to like.   I may show you some to look at and choose.  I may even tell you about ones I am only mildly fond of ( so they don’t usually get the choice spots in the garden )  and they might even be given away at a greatly reduce cost – somewhere around “take them away please !”.

The neat thing about daylilies is there is a different one for just about every taste.  And if you don’t see what you like, with a little work and a little time you just might be able to get one that suits you just fine.

Daylilies started out with the basic orange daylilies you see along the road.  And some plain yellow ones too.  Plants that someone brought back from the far east.  Now they come in just about every shape and color under the sun.

So if you like the plain old orange daylily – the one by the side of the road that the deer leave alone, well go ahead and enjoy it.  If you have a hankerin for something else go find it.  There are a lot of them waiting to be found.   And if you have an idea of something that would really float your boat, well you might just be able to take something that has potential and start something new.

Daylilies used to look like this –

Now they can look like this…

Or anything you can dream and have the patience to chase.

Out of the dictionary – a pink wonder

Webster’s Pink Wonder is the reference we are looking up.   A tiny pink blossom that gets lost in the garden –  when Godzilla steps on it.   Otherwise you cannot miss this one.   It stands just under 3 feet tall and sports a foot wide flower.

 And as they are fond of saying in the infomercials – That’s Not All !

It has come out of the dictionary and has been redefined.  These are just a few of the fun things that are no longer locked inside.   They are seedlings and registered plants from Webster’s Pink Wonder.  And a few more images the Wonder.

  This one is lurking in the garden here.  Not quite as big, yet quite wonderful on its own.

Darn its not pink !

Though it does present a new wrinkle… one that positively glows.

What can you discover with Webster’s Pink Wonder ?

Just add water and a garden….

To find out more about the AHS and see some awesome daylilies visit here.