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bugs, buds, and woods

besides being slightly over focused on daylilies i can sometimes fall prey to other interests.  the shape and color of other flowers are not all together lost on me.  and i do occasionally get out of my garden.  the woods is a completely acceptable alternative.  not only are there all kinds of trees.  and things growing and moving in the understory.  when you get right down to the ground there are mosses and lichen.  and though the pipes look like post industrial lichen they are actually the start of the reproductive process.  six images…

14-115 10-045 Talon x Give Me Eight) x Skinwalker

14-150 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling



pick a flower

or enjoy them all.  or anywhere in between that suits your fancy.  gardens are meant to be explored and enjoyed.  frequently.  repeatedly.  soak in the silence.  ignore the repeated interruptions of the whisper jets.  the bird bath schedule is just a bonus.  and try not to step on the toads as the de-slug and de-bug the place.  six images…

14-150 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling

the dirt on next summer

on every summer.  that is the compost pile.  it is an assist to nature’s way of reusing what some of us would throw away.  waste not.  the leaves and garden scraps do not go out in the trash.  they go into the compost and eventually back into the garden.  soil is an organic fabric that should be constantly renewed.  when it is renewed soil is enriched.  and the fabric is a deep and complex brocade.  like the upturned bird bath covered in snow and resembling a mushroom –  what we so often see as waste and rot is only half of the story.  yes things come apart.  and what has come apart is part of the building blocks of what is to come.  seven images…

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo



the odds

i plant about 600 seeds each year.  i plant directly in the soil.  some germinate.  some do not.  each year i select about 50 plants for extended review.  the rest get moved and eventually go away.  some spend a season or two by the edges of the garden.  here and there in spots that are much less than the ideal.  still some bloom.  one of those is blooming in the shade next to the compost pile.  it is not really a bad plant.  it just was not selected.  it is part of the hybridizing game.  the last image is standing in front of the compost piles and looking out.  six images…

14-065 12-0622-001 Orange spider x Lullaby Of Birdland



perceive.  experience.  immerse.  walk the garden.  be in nature.  be a part of nature.  do not think you can escape.  do not think you can avoid it.  do not think you cannot harm it.  do not think you cannot alter it.  do not think you can conquer it.  you walk in the garden.  seven images…

Puppet Lady

Chesapeake Crablegs

playing with the rainbow

mother nature prefers to have fun.  with us that is.  look at the first picture and pic a color for the flower.  look at the second picture.  do you see the same color ?  look again at the third picture.  is it the same color you saw in the first picture ?  or did mother nature just have a bit of fun ?  three images…

13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – Orchid

double or nuthin

bet you cannot guess what this will do.  why not ?  i will take that bet.  this is a cross of a small purple flower richly hued.  and a large pale lavender flower.  and a seedling that is only part of the answer.  to get the whole answer you might as well watch and count the stars.  because that is how many combinations there are in daylily genetics.  first the two parents and then the seedling.  four images…

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker