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rock paper scissors

sometimes i think nature is a massive game of rock paper scissors. except in the case of nature it is more playing pieces. things like sunlight, temperature, elevation, adaption to heat, adaption to cold, and so on. trees tend to tower over other plants right up until they cannot. welcome to the tundra and the mountain tree line. watch the trees dwindle away and surrender their realm to the lowliest of plants. plants and animals seem so powerful and clever when they are in their niche. and so incredibly lost when the fall out of it. spring is moving north day by day. today the early species daylily opened up. the front porch faces south and the bricks create a micro-climate that hurries these plants along. the species will bloom for about two weeks. and then they will be done. how quickly the hybridized daylilies step into line and follow varies from year to year. sometimes they come right behind the species. sometimes they take another week to come into bloom. will it be rock, paper, or scissors this time ?


not old man river

the song says old man river keeps on rolling along. rolling spring is not. leaping. sprinting. impatient as all get out. that would be spring. so a few spring flowers and a few daylilies from the previous year. dwarf iris are in bloom. the bearded iris are next…


the temperature is gradually moving up.  it was a good night for a walk to dinner.  there were tulips blooming down at the end of the street.  and daffodils.  tomorrow a daffodil should be blooming here.  it was a very good day for some poking around in the garden.  a bit of mud under the finger nails and a few weeds and a stray plant or two moved.  the garden just might be open for spring.

13-000 seedling

14-109-B Dark Counterpoint x Scandinavia

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker

17-0705-001 big orange


columbine and more.  at one end yard waste is going into the compost pile.  weeds and such are filling the right most bin.  and at the other end the harvest of compost is returning to the garden and filling this year’s pots.  the bin was nearly four feet high filled with compost.  now it is nearing empty.  and those mythical blooming spring flowers… the lupine is sending up a spike.  and petunias fill the pot.  seven images…


eventually spring will make its way to daylily season.  still moving plants.  and expanding gardens.  and removing junk that has been hiding in the landfill for who knows how long.  old rusty pipes don’t sound like metal when the shovel hits them.  and plants don’t need that much metal in their diet.  and we are actually getting closer.  hemerocallis minor is a species daylily and it blooms about two weeks before the other daylilies.  so start your counter.  and prepare to be a little more patient.  until the daylilies are really ready.  and yes i am still finding plants to move to the evaluation bed.  six images…


it is obvious that someone is being held against their will on an extraterrestrial spaceship.  what no daylily ! ? !   spring flowers, spring flowers, and more spring flowers !  and an old time daffodil with green and yellow petals.  quick get out the said-a-gives !  six images…


spring comes in steps.  not smooth every day.  some forwards and some slide back.  tomorrow warmer again.  no spring flowers today.  they bloomed – just no new pictures today.  six images from last summer…

14-112 Wizest of Wizards x 11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers)