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snow brings blue sky

the morning after the snow and everything is blanketed in a heavy wet spring snow.  still tonight there are people without power.  heavy snow and power lines just do not go together.  on the ground in the garden the crocus and daffodils are patiently waiting for the sun to come back.  little circles of melt right around the plants.  and since it is nearly spring there is already enough warmth in the ground and the sidewalks and concrete melt away the snow on their own.  nine images…

14-052 10-106 Raspberry Sickle x (Old King Cole x Seedling) x Websters Pink Wonder


sibs.   two plants different seeds from the same cross with similar results.  just a touch.  just a blush.  just a bit of color.  a hint.  for a not so cold january night when nothing is blooming and winter is not done with its time.  six images…

gm8 x ss img1855 grdn gm8 x ss img1849 det gm8 x ss img1855 macro_4 gm8 x ss img1849 macro_3 gm8 x ss img1849 macro_2 gm8 x ss img1855 macro_1

in the time

of snowflakes.  it is still january.  and there is no point in hurrying things that will not be hurried.  so let us enjoy this flower for it is not nearly time for spring.  six images…

133 DI x AM XSS img 1848 macro_1 133 DI x AM XSS img 1851 macro_1 133 DI x AM XSS img 1848 macro_2 133 DI x AM XSS img 1851 macro_2 133 DI x AM XSS img 1851det 133 DI x AM XSS img 1848 grdn

a warm shade

the snowflakes are flying outside.  when i look at this flower it takes me back to summer.  the lighter warm twinkling shades of summer.  and summer will come again.  with the faces and the twists of Asterisk.  six images…

asterisk IMG_0836 grdn asterisk IMG_2183 grdn 2asterisk IMG_2183 macro 1 asterisk IMG_2183 macro 2asterisk IMG_2183 det asterisk IMG_2507 det

Solstice day

Monday December 22nd about two days from now the cycle will finish.  and a new cycle will begin.  days will stop getting shorter.  they will start getting longer.  the winter will begin and it will in time fade.  so far it has been a mild start to winter.  there was snow, a dusting, this morning.  and the next several days are forecast to be a bit warmer.  like every winter we will just have to sit back and see what winter will do.  one day at a time.  and then we will have to take the same approach to the garden.  watch the blooms one day at a time.  until then let us celebrate the solstice and the company of one another.  four perspectives…

fol de rol det img1714 fol de rol macro_2 img1714  fol de rol macro_3 img1714 fol de rol macro img1714

things to ponder

on a cold January morning.   like why at this hour am i not abed ?   or is it possible to speak of a flower when its image is all that is before you ?  well if one is smart one steps back and makes way for the flower.  and keeps the talking to a minimum.   two images.  take your time.  and listen for the flower…

12-001 unknwn purple macro

12-001 unkwn purple det



well we have passed the solstice,  Christmas, and it will not be long before the new year is upon us.  now there remains the small matter of waiting out the spring.  i think a flower or two a day might just get us there.  so let our direction be through winter and into spring… Left of Center

left of center det

a little light

a little more light.  Copernicus a purple flower with a little gold edge.  a flower for a day with a little more light.  yesterday was the winter solstice.  today …. is a day with a little more light.  perhaps not the perfect combination.  still a good enough match for a day like today.  let there be a little more light…   two images

copernicus macro copernicus det


who you gonna call ?

It is the 2nd of March.  The temperature outside is 13 degrees Farenheit.  Going down to 5.  Who are you gonna call ?  Call John’s Hot Sauce.   This flower was hybridized by a good friend of a lady in Arkansas.   Thanks Jane !  If this clump of bloom does not warm you up, well it must be way cooler than 13 degrees.  I hope you find something soon !

john's hot sauce clump

dealing with storms

Titan is the latest winter storm.  a lot of people are getting tired of winter storms.  myself included.  can an unnamed storm counter Titan ?   i believe it can.  what do you think ?

yard view apotosaurus qq