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the play

it just might be that nature, the flower, the light, and the shadows are at play here.  three images…


was that flower seen twice ?

ah confusion reigns.  or at least small drops of chaos.  has this flower been to the web ?  was there a name or number on it ?   will anyone remember ?  well anyone besides this forgetful person.  enough of doubt.  could it possibly be too soon for its first appearance or its second ?  say yellow and let the other details fall where they may…  two images

b110 seedling QQQ macro b110 seedling QQQ det

a light story

how many pictures are enough ?   the answer to that question is another question.  how many stories do you want to tell ?  the picture needs to fit the story.  looking at today’s picture took me back to a picture from 2012.  why ?  because some days a comparison is a good thing.  most pictures i take are in the garden.  the flower, the time of day, the weather, what else is blooming and a couple other things go into the decision of how fast and how much posing goes into any one picture.   so part of today’s question is ‘how well does this picture show the flower ?’  is there another picture to compare ?  and there is.  a picture from several year’s ago taken at not such a sunny moment.  the older picture probably does a better job of showing the flower form and allows closer inspection of the details.  on the other hand the overcast light may not bring out the brilliance of the colors.  today’s story is color and light.  sometimes a little glare is a good thing.  oh and the flower name Emerald Eye.   three images..

emerald eye sbs itself

emerald eye det emerald eye macro



a bright yellow green throat, a narrow somewhat faint purple eye zone and a creamy slightly pink base petal color, that begins the description of this seedling.  compliment that with long open form petals, and some twist and movement in those petals.  and add just a touch of ruffling along the edge of the petals.  it makes a fairly accurate description of this seedling.  the cross is Prague Spring x Gift Tie.  two images..

prague spring x gift tie macro prague spring x gift tie det



seedlings and sunlight

a seedling, no name, no tag, and no number.  it does have some petals and some sunshine.  it also has that not so rare quality able to be seen in person and seldom in captured images.  if you look closely at the close up shot and if your display is adequate you might just see a few extra dots of light refracted.  seen in person in the garden the display is quite amazing.  it is not called diamond dusting for nothing.  two images…

unknown yellow red seedling macro unknown yellow red seedling det




that other flower

there are only a few…  a hundred or so more other flowers that i am mostly crazy about.  one of those is Golliwog.  there is more to it than the name.  it is a full form and flowing flower.  a flower that hints strongly that maybe all the other flowers in the garden are pretenders…  except just maybe some of those seedlings from this beauty

golliwog macro golliwog det

fetch the white umbrella

often referred to as the photographer’s umbrella – or light diffuser.  why?  in the garden and many other times full light is too much.  the glare, the reflection of light from the objects we are trying to capture, to make a revealing picture, is obscured.  what is behind the glint in an eye ?  sometimes there is too much light.  and we see that – just that – too much light instead of the object we are trying to show.  even though this flower was pictured at 8:30 AM there was already too much light.  we do have one of those white umbrellas.  i do not often use it.  most days it is both hands on the camera or a hat or my own shadow making a much darker light.  some days the pictures come out monstrously.  this one did that and it came out Monster.  since that is the flower’s name.  it is a parent of many seedlings.   a large and imposing flower… two images.  and enough words.

monster macro harsh light monster det harsh light