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find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro





some daylilies have one set of petal one color and another set of petals another color.  usually it is obvious like one set white and the other pink or purple.  this one is not so obvious still it does the same thing.  one set of petals is a blue grey, the other a pink grey.  not a color combination one expects in the garden.  still it happens.  two images…

12-008 bi color grey det12-008 bi color grey macro





the garden inspectors came one day.  they said there appeared to be a blooming problem.  too many blooms.  and now for something completely similar.  another one of those too many blooms.  Ohio Eye Oh.  three images…

mike fb of the shrinking yard 306604_4291241476386_1651088693_n

ohio eye oh det ohio eye oh macro



purple seedling

this is most likely a sibling to this other seedling.  then again it could be my extremely accurate ability to almost get things right…  two images

12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal macro 12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal det




dark petals.  a deep dark red.  and a white midrib straight up the center of the petal.  that is the flower called Creature of the Night.  okay flower my words are done.  your turn.  two images…

creature of the night det creature of the night macro


not that picture

at least not tonight.  how about this picture ?   the flower is an oldie and one that has been used in crosses here before.  it needs some more experimentation as i am fairly convinced there are other secrets to be revealed.  Blue Lustre is the name.  two images…

blue lustre det blue lustre macro

Radiant Moonbeam

what do you call a flower that blooms in daylight in the garden… something opposite in this case.  Radiant Moonbeam.  it’s tall.  it’s white.  so i guess it radiates its light over the rest of the garden.  either way it is pretty.  and it is a flower that we are crossing to make more daylily seeds.  two images

radiant moonbeam det radiant moonbeam macro


it is orange.  it is a tetraploid  seedling.   and there are some seeds to plant this spring.  and where they will go will take two or three years to begin to answer.  so is gardening for answers or is it for a journey that travels time ?  two images

10-001 orange red seedling det 10-001 orange red seedling macro



it depends on what you are calling minimal…  the image or the words…

12-007 unknwn det cream 12-007 unknwn macro cream




we have now left to seedling bed.  still on the path.  and this is someone else’s lovely.  the flower is called Sky Captain.  you might be able to see the work of  the apprentice pollinator.  the pistil is hiding under a coat of pollen.  there should be some seedlings coming along from this one and more to plant this spring… two images

sky captain det sky captain macro