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the same path

tonight like the last two nights we are walking the same path in the seedling bed.  the same section where the tags and labels are buried deep in the foliage and anonymous abounds.  the anonymous of nature where the label of no man is needed.  and still if a moment is taken there can be more thoughts than just pretty.  two images…

12-003 unknwn lavender macro 12-003 unknwn lavender det





lavender sibling

i do try not to repeat too quickly a flower that has recently been shown.  unfortunately that effort involves a steel trap that resembles a mind.  rusted shut.   sometimes there are other ways around this.  and sometimes they even work as intended.   eventually after some thrashing around  a new image is found.  this one is a lighter colored sib of a darker purple seedling.  the cross is 11-014 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker.  two images…

11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker det



a little light

a little more light.  Copernicus a purple flower with a little gold edge.  a flower for a day with a little more light.  yesterday was the winter solstice.  today …. is a day with a little more light.  perhaps not the perfect combination.  still a good enough match for a day like today.  let there be a little more light…   two images

copernicus macro copernicus det


door number c

search engines say no.  if i never mentioned the parents that may be so.  of course i am kinda bonkers on this seedling.  so i cannot imagine holding off so long posting it… then again stranger things are possible.  Thais x Flower Shop.   maybe this bloom will look as exciting to you ?   i will take the pretty behind door number C.   two images.  oh and if i did post it not too long ago… well i did say i was bonkers on this one

thais x flower shop macro 001 thais x flower shop det 001


a bit of an eye

a bit of an edge.  just a wink.  there is a narrow eye band, very faint and very pale.  a hint of a silvery grey zone and a barely darker outer edge.  there, still not quite there.   and a pale edge.  enough to move this seedling into the next bed.  enough to move me.  two imagesstb x cs x sdlg IMG_4509 stb x cs x sdlg IMG_4509 macro


jellybean jar

lots of flowers

Jellybean jar yard shot IMG_3739




a flower from Riverbend Gardens

this is a flower from Bellbrook Ohio.  it is a welcome addition to our garden.   it is a cross of several different seedlings one of which is a converted tetraploid version of Skinwalker.  it is a big flower.  the plant stands about 50 in 127 cm tall  and the bloom if you were to lay it flat would be over 12 in 30.48 cm across.  so far no pollen here has set a seed pod on it.  then again its unconverted diploid counterpart is just as stubborn so that is not much of a surprise.  however the pollen from this flower has landed on many flowers and set many a seed.  a seedling for seedlings.  two images

sh b110 tet skinwalker sdlg IMG_1258 macro sh b110 tet skinwalker sdlg IMG_1258



and variety.  i have quite a few daylilies.  and i try to show as many of them as is possible.  not just the ones that hold my fascination today.  those that are here and show what has held other gardener’s fascination over the years.  each of the named daylilies that appear was chosen by a gardener.  to them the flower was special.  worthy to be shared with others.  this flower is one of those.  in 1987 it turned some heads.  since then the fancy of the daylily world has turned.  it has moved on in some ways.  that does not change the daylily… it just changes what some people chase.  Ocean Rain.   two images

ocean rain macro ocean rain det


sure keep talking…

this is one of those flowers where saying as little as possible is not a bad thing.  the flower will do just fine all on its own.  Mask and Metaphor  two images

mask and metaphor detail mask and metaphor macro


seed season is here

it is time to collect seeds.  all those crosses eventually lead to some seeds.  not every cross is going to have seeds.  this season it appears there will be plenty to choose.  so here are some pictures of seeds and pods.  and a picture of something that comes from them…  four images

seedpods macro

seeds envelope det

seed envelope IMG_6397

red eye ruffled seedling