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one more

this is today’s entry into this summer’s bloom list.  add Gadsden Goliath a 9.5 inch 24 cm bloom on a 36 inch 91 cm plant.  add that to the eight other daylilies blooming now and soon there will be no pause in bloom.  there will be too many to look at than to spend time counting.   the sea of green will be covered by a sea of color.   three images…

gadsden goliath garden IMG_7991

gadsden goliath det

gadsden goliath macro

now in red

can i have that one in red ?  some days the answer is yes.  a different flower or a different day and the answer could be a firm maybe or a definite no.  not every plant wants to cooperate.  this is the red sibling to last night’s flower up the row.  that might even be the plant at the end of the row.  like it was said last night – some plants are put to work and there are lots of seedlings around the garden from those plants.  two images…

12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol red grdn 12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol red macro


a little more

just a bit more exploration.  this is a new seedling.  a seedling from a parent that has not been neglected and overlooked.  this particular cross is Smoke Scream x Black Plush) x Fol de Rol.   a bit of searching will turn up other Fol de Rol seedlings.  however this one requires no search.  two images..

12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol det 12-000 seedling smoke scream x black plush) x fol de rol macro



not can’t say.  more won’t type.  three images

thais x flower shop sib grdn IMG_9701

thais x flower shop sib det IMG_9701 thais x flower shop sib macro IMG_9701



gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro


somethings remembered

or parts of somethings are remembered.  the cross is known – Bark at Me x Autumn Minaret.   it is much shorter than either of its parents, less than half as tall.  it has the yellow and red color of Autumn Minaret and the longer petals of Bark at Me.  And unlike Autumn Minaret the bloom is not so much of a trumpet shape.  now if i could just remember to put it in a spot where it is not so crowded and remember to cross it back to its taller sibling.  two images…

bark at me x autumn minaret 3 det bark at me x autumn minaret 3 macro


did i say that ?

funny how very often what I say one day and the next several choices of pictures seem to be at odds.  like variety in color.   or time between repeating a flower.    one more purple ?  or do we jump around a bit and find something suitable for the next ?   perhaps something red ?  two images…

red unknown yrq-001 09 bed det red unknown yrq-001 09 bed macro




find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro





some daylilies have one set of petal one color and another set of petals another color.  usually it is obvious like one set white and the other pink or purple.  this one is not so obvious still it does the same thing.  one set of petals is a blue grey, the other a pink grey.  not a color combination one expects in the garden.  still it happens.  two images…

12-008 bi color grey det12-008 bi color grey macro





the garden inspectors came one day.  they said there appeared to be a blooming problem.  too many blooms.  and now for something completely similar.  another one of those too many blooms.  Ohio Eye Oh.  three images…

mike fb of the shrinking yard 306604_4291241476386_1651088693_n

ohio eye oh det ohio eye oh macro