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no trumpets

the reason for this title is the shape of this flower.  some flowers are described as trumpets.  the petals make a cone shape that is best described as a trumpet.  some are very closed and cone shaped and others are more open.  today’s flower is so opposite it is anti-cone shaped.  as in no trace of a cone.   the petals radiate out in a flat plane from the very base of the flower.  one of the benefits of this orientation is  you get maximum view of the petals and color.  in the case of this flower it has a very large throat area, no eye zone, and the color of petal tips makes up something like a quarter of the visible surface.  which is another way to say the throat dominates the flower.  perhaps that is why it was named Kermit’s Scream.  a 6 inch 25 cm bloom.  two images…   and yes this one is in Dave’s garden.   and yes yes who needs trumpets when Kermit is screaming so loud ! ? !

dw kermit's scream det dw kermit's scream macro


the garden inspectors came one day.  they said there appeared to be a blooming problem.  too many blooms.  and now for something completely similar.  another one of those too many blooms.  Ohio Eye Oh.  three images…

mike fb of the shrinking yard 306604_4291241476386_1651088693_n

ohio eye oh det ohio eye oh macro




from picture to post.  just like that.  or something reasonably close.  find picture.  must be exhausting.  since the begin sorting out idea for post rhymes with take a nap.  wake up from rhyming.  repeatedly.  with all this exhaustion the idea for post must be completely sorted out.  hmmm better post as is before sorting burns out those last few bits of energy.  so what should i mention first – seedling – or red ?  maybe tomorrow there will be enough rhyming time to show the mix of parents that brought this about.  i might even have to add that it grows rather nicely  quickly even into a clump.  two images…  11-052 Wild One x Autumn Minaret) x John Sheehan

11-052 wild one x autumn minaret) x John Sheehan clump 11-052 wild one x autumn minaret) x John Sheehan det


wake up !

no not you, me !  look how he lays there on the garden path dead asleep  like an hay leahon visitor.  tightly clutching that bloom like an otherworldly creature transfixed by visual floral onomatopoeia.  doesn’t that flower look strange and unnatural to you ?  the first clue would be the flower scapes in the background.  look at them.  there are too many – well maybe they don’t all show here.  still unlike their other seedling brethren where they would only have two or three scapes this plant has  six or eight.  and yes they are all the same age.  this plant is just an over achiever.  strangely enough this flower we know one name from its sorted past.  Volcan Fuego and some other illogical cross.  so let’s move on down the garden path and step gingerly over the sleeping extra terrestial.  and his extra blooms.  one image  and what ever you do when you step over him… do not wake him up….  on to the next flower

12-005 volcan fuego x qqq IMG_6165 garden




grape expectations

does this flower have enough purple ?  just about every day when i look at it the flower is more than convincing.  it was enough to give it a name –  Indigo Ignition.   a grape choice considering the flower.  two images

indego ignition det indego ignition macro


point of order

i have occasionally heard complaints about the color yellow and its association with certain beautiful flowers.  as if there could be too many yellow flowers.  heck there is even a flower named ‘Just Another Yellow’.  i am guessing there is a bit of irony involved in that choice.  when the day arrives that too many yellow flowers grace the garden, so much so that their glowing brilliance chases me from the garden, perhaps then i just might consider there is a tad too much yellow.  until then i will choose to live in denial.  that is denial.  not de Nile.  i am strongly allergic to hippos and crocs.  and now to wander gracefully back to yellow… three images  oh and the cross is Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol

Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol  garden IMG_1569


Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol det IMG_1569 Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rolmacrot IMG_1569



fetch the white umbrella

often referred to as the photographer’s umbrella – or light diffuser.  why?  in the garden and many other times full light is too much.  the glare, the reflection of light from the objects we are trying to capture, to make a revealing picture, is obscured.  what is behind the glint in an eye ?  sometimes there is too much light.  and we see that – just that – too much light instead of the object we are trying to show.  even though this flower was pictured at 8:30 AM there was already too much light.  we do have one of those white umbrellas.  i do not often use it.  most days it is both hands on the camera or a hat or my own shadow making a much darker light.  some days the pictures come out monstrously.  this one did that and it came out Monster.  since that is the flower’s name.  it is a parent of many seedlings.   a large and imposing flower… two images.  and enough words.

monster macro harsh light monster det harsh light


orange you going to ask

about the ruffles ?  it seems this is another flower that has escaped my attention.  this is Kipling, ruffles and all.  a whole lot of orange, a touch of yellow and dressed with ruffles.   two images

kipling macro kipling det



wordless for how long ?

it seems the end of summer has finally come.  autumn is here.  i think the daylilies could manage wordless all week long straight through until spring.  though i don’t know if i could resist at least a few comments until then.  maybe even several more.  and a gratuitous pun here and there.  that would be the really difficult part.  and that approach has been totally ruined for tonight.  fortunately the daylilies are unperturbed by that fact.  please note the staid composure.   a Nutmeg Elf seedling… two images

nutmeg elf seedling IMG_4008 det nutmeg elf seedling IMG_4008


a self – in the garden and in terms of daylilies refers to a flower with a single color.  Brazilian Orange is a self.  please feel free to add the obligatory pun whether using the banana joke or one of your own choosing.  the self-ish pun will also be skipped.  and we will hop onto the remaining description.  it is a round full petaled flower and the texture of petals could be said to match the flower’s name.  without further wordiness here is the flower.  two images

brazillian orange det brazillian orange macro