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vein infusion

i go into garden to have no worries.  or at least little worries.  so why allow other worries here.  this is an extension of the garden.  not an extension of worries.  put your worries in the weed pail then throw the weeds on top and compost the lot of them.  now about that flower.  four images…

american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_3 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_2 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_1 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 grdn

some days

are better than others.  one day a flower can be in so so form.  the next day it can be a little better.  or it can be great.  it depends on several factors, the weather and temps – both over night and the preceding days.   and the plants genetics both in how consistent the plant form is and how the plant responds to fluctuations in the weather.   with a cool cool morning some blooms will never quite fully open.  other blooms are unfazed by a cool morning and open fully and early in the day.  Peacock Maiden is an early season plant and does not seem to be affected by early morning temps.  it does vary in form from day to day.  and some days are definitely better than others.  of course personal taste also enters into which day is better than the other.  two images…

Peacock Maiden good hair day det 2 Peacock Maiden good hair day det

it rained this morning

and it is raining again now.  so the hosta looked like this…  bejeweled with water.

hosta leaf n water IMG_7821

and Isolde looked like this.  it is a poly.  extra petals.  four petals instead of three, and three sepals.  and to match the pattern there are 7 stamens, one for each petal and sepal.  if you look carefully there are two stamen next to the pistil.

isolde det odd poly macro IMG_7815 isolde det odd poly IMG_7815


i do believe the tide has turned.

two tone

there are ‘edge no eye‘ daylilies.  and then there are ‘eyes and edge’ daylilies.  this one is the eyed variety.  the flower is called The Heavens Declare.  white and deep dark purple make a wonderful and dramatic contrast.  and just a small 6.5 inch 16.5 cm bloom to grab your attention.  variety is good.  it keeps things from getting boring.  two images

dw the heavens declare det dw the heavens declare macro

note !

sometimes you have a note and sometimes you don’t.  take a note.  we have a note today.  the flower is Dream Sequence.   a 32 in 81 cm tall plant with an 8.5 in 21.5 cm bloom.  and if i didn’t look it up i would never have guessed it is a child of Regency Heights.   i will have to visit Dave’s garden more often.  two images…

dw dream sequence det dw dream sequence macro IMG_3555


i was going to start this off with orange.  the earliest daylilies were basically orange or yellow and fairly plain.  not that there is anything undesirable about a plain flower.  that is just where they started.   and then someones had dreams.  how about another color ?  or a dream of orange plus a little bit more.  today those dreams take all sorts of forms.  today’s flower is a dream in the works.  the name gives it away – Amethyst Geode.   a geode is a plain round looking rock on the outside.  until it is broken open and gems and crystals of all sorts are found.  this flower has the beginnings of such a surprise.   under the dark eye zone is a lighter area.  not much to look at in this flower – just a hint.  in a few generations that hint might just become a gem.  three images…

Amhyst Geode det

Amhyst Geode macro Amhyst Geode macro 2


something purple

this one is older.  from 1979.  it is called Grapeade.  of medium height and a fair sized bloom.  and it holds its beauty still.  three images….


grapeade det grapeade macro



and different again.  another cross with Irish Lullaby.    Irish Lullaby x ((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch) and it goes in different direction.  Still some flow and movement to the petals.  Just a much wider, larger, darker flower.  two images

12-142 Irish Lullaby x((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch) macro 12-142 Irish Lullaby x((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch)




gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro


what to count

we do not count the days to spring.  at least not this year.  though we are waiting for it.  we do not count the visitors.  or the likes.  though they can be encouraging.

we do count – or try to count that it has been more than a few days, even months since an individual flower was last seen.   we do count that the color does not stay the same too long, that there is some variety.

mostly we count that there is a flower to share each day.  and if it can brighten someone else’s day we then that is something to count.   let’s go with purple on purple today.  and some ruffles.  two images from Cup of Cold Water…

cup of cold water det cup of cold water macro