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rain flowers

could we have finally reached the point when we will finally get more rain than snow ?  it was sunny and 46 here today – with an occasional snow flake floating down to melt.  the weekend forecast is warmer and rain.  that sounds a lot like spring.  these are from last summer.  seven images…

Alien Data Base ????


sun and rain

the garden is still a sea of green, except for the wave of colors that ride on top

yard view IMG_1096

so why am i messing with a flower that is minimalist on color ?  why not – it is a flower.  first a morning picture and then an evening picture.  then one side by side.  is it the difference in the quality of light ?  or the effects of the rain and sunlight and petal chemistry through the course of the day ?   or a little bit of everything ?

12-004 Turtle Tail x SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING AM prnt

12-004 Turtle Tail x SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING PM prnt

12-004 Turtle Tail x SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING AM PM sbs


early this morning we had some awesome thunder boomers.  and a lot of rain.  the reflecting pool behind the bill’s garage attests to this.  so many flowers looked like they were ridden hard and put away wet.  bruised and faded too.  depending on when they opened – before or after the thunder boomers – and how water resistant the petals are some looked wet, some looked tattered and faded and some looked somewhere in between.  and some of the late openers yawned and asked the other guys what happened ?  two images, Lullaby of Birdland

lullaby of birdland macro rain lullaby of birdland det rain