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Clouds Before the Storm

a purple.  one that makes no claim to shades of blue.  a white edge and purple on purple.  this is a bit smaller shorter plant and flower.  and sometimes size has nothing to do with what is seen in the flower.  Cloud Before the Storm.  bloom season here is not too far away.   the storm of bloom is coming.  the earliest daylily H. dumortirii is showing buds.  one in a slightly warmer micro climate is much closer to bloom.   it is amazing what a short brick wall and some sunshine can do.   back to our purple daylily for tonight.   two images…

dw clouds before the storm macro dw clouds before the storm det


this daylily is similar to other daylilies.  it usually looks like itself.  until it does something surprising.  once in a blue moon surprising.  maybe even less than once in a blue moon.  just don’t completely rule out the surprise.  the flower is called Baby Blues.  and there are no special notes to indicate it is anything except a standard regular unsurprising flower.  it just so happens that the day i visited Dave’s garden it decided that a little extra tissue needed to be displayed on the tip of the stamen.  a small flag that might not appear again for a long time.  yet today it says surprise.  three images…

dw baby blues macro 2 dw baby blues det dw baby blues macro


Evidence of Aliens that is.  a flower that is named for the unusual shapes it takes some days.  of course if we go with the alien reports it is not surprising that some days the flower will try to blend in with the natives.  and then reveal itself when we least expect it.  one of its appearances is to have twisted sepals.  i will have to look and ask Dave the next time i visit his garden.  for tonight the blending into the background less conspicuous version will have to do.  for myself there is evidence of tired.  the grass is now much shorter than it was.  and there are two trash bins waiting to make their way to the compost pile.   now back to this Alien.   two images…

dw evidence of aliens macro dw evidence of aliens det


as in Good Morning Starshine.  this is a flower from Dave’s garden.  it is from yet another northern ohio daylily grower Rae.  it is a full flower with shades of purple, dark at the edge of the petals and eye and a ruffly flowing edge.  however i feel it is time to let the flower talk.  always defer to the expert.  two images…

dw good morning starshine det dw good morning starshine macro


sometimes we know a little.  today’s flower is in Dave’s garden.  and it should be in the same general area as the other one.  it is even by the same hybridizer as yesterday’s flower.   and that is the sum of our some knowledge today.  so the name for this flower will remain a mystery.  at least for tonight.  and maybe a little bit longer.  meanwhile out in the garden things are growing.  five plants came out of the observation bed tonight.  moved to a permanent spot.    there are another 25 or so that need to come out soon.   this will make room for about 30 new graduates from the seedling bed.  which will in turn make room for about 600 seeds to be planted.  i guess they had better keep moving.  now back to those three mystery images.  well almost a mystery…

dw unidentified reed garden dw unidentified reed det


dw unidentified reed macro

a step

another step down the garden row at Dave’s.  this flower is called Incessant.  what comes first the flower or the name ?  some would say it is obvious, the flower.  and i imagine mostly that is true.  however some hybridizers pick out names way ahead of time and then give the flower to the name.  so the answer is not always.  so you might think about what flower you would give to the name Incessant.   and see if the flower matches the name.  and some day we can discuss how a daylily came to be named Apatosaurus.  and we can explore other strange features of the psyche.  for now back to Incessant.  two images from Dave’s garden.

dw incessant macro dw incessant det


yes two for one.  it is late.  my judgement has totally abandoned me ( i had judgement ???? )  and i choose not to ramble on ( too much that is ).   the first flower is Rodeo Dan, a flower from another club member Dave knows.  and yes it – both – grow in Dave’s garden.  the other is called Vanilla Stella, a white-ish flower like Stella de Oro.  and actually not from Stella de Oro at all.

two images…

dw rodeo dan det dw vanilla stella det



thresholds are for crossing.  crossing into the garden.  crossing  into another day and another flower shared.  this flower is just across the threshold.  was.  and this flower is still within the threshold of Dave’s garden.  Creepy Crawler an open form with tiny teeth.  and a glow.  is it the glow or the tiny teeth that make it safe to cross the threshold ?  two images…

dw creepy crawler det dw creepy crawler macro IMG_3563

next note

the other night i was not sure if a flower was Noe Claire.  tonight a little farther down the virtual row of flower pictures i have become sure.  sure that the first flower was not.  and sure that this flower is Noe Claire.  that note ( picture form ) sure helps.  even if, like most other things around here, it is a little fuzzy.  two images ( and a note )…

dw noe claire label dw noe claire macro dw noe claire det

no trumpets

the reason for this title is the shape of this flower.  some flowers are described as trumpets.  the petals make a cone shape that is best described as a trumpet.  some are very closed and cone shaped and others are more open.  today’s flower is so opposite it is anti-cone shaped.  as in no trace of a cone.   the petals radiate out in a flat plane from the very base of the flower.  one of the benefits of this orientation is  you get maximum view of the petals and color.  in the case of this flower it has a very large throat area, no eye zone, and the color of petal tips makes up something like a quarter of the visible surface.  which is another way to say the throat dominates the flower.  perhaps that is why it was named Kermit’s Scream.  a 6 inch 25 cm bloom.  two images…   and yes this one is in Dave’s garden.   and yes yes who needs trumpets when Kermit is screaming so loud ! ? !

dw kermit's scream det dw kermit's scream macro