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it is good to be the hybridizer

when you are, then you get to choose the plant.  you get to choose the name for the plant.  and sometimes you get to choose to make someone happy by naming the plant for that person.  this plant is not mine.  it was named by another hybridizer.  and if, yes if, i have the story right the hybridizer got to name the plant for his grandson.  some days are just good.  i think this example covers a good day.  two images  My Friend Floyd a 10 in 25.5 cm bloom.  enjoy….

my friend floyd macro my friend floyd det





One Last Dance

i like coming back to a daylily that i have looked at before.  this one called One Last Dance.  it is a rose color bloom with a light pink watermark.  and a light edge around the petals.  a little bit of ruffling to the edge and that is all it needs.  two images..

one last dance macro one last dance det


jellybean jar

lots of flowers

Jellybean jar yard shot IMG_3739




flowers by Ralph

one of the members of our local daylily club also grows and selects his own plants from seed. some of his other flowers have shown up here.   this one is called Phylly Marlene and is named for his lovely wife.  a pink flower with a pink halo.  is there any better compliment to one’s spouse than a pretty flower ?  two images.

phylly marlene macro phylly marlene det

critics choice

the listing says – rose pink with a yellow green throat.  and that does seem to match.  though looking at the picture there is an orange of peach blush to the throat here.   Critics Choice   three images

critics choice IMG_9388 critics choice det 001

critics choice macro

rhymes of a certain age

think pink.  think 1997.  think a good year for pink flowers.  ( what isn’t a good year for pink flowers_ ? )  you there in the parentheses – sit down and listen up…  this is Becky Lynn.  i should have a rhyme handy for this beauty.  that or ponder changing the title of this post.  or just ramble on quickly to other items.  this is a full bodied flower and a large flower, just under 7 inches 17.8 cm.  did i mention it has ruffles ? ! ?  forget the rhyme… it has ruffles !  two images…

becky lynn det

becky lynn macro

rose bud

the winter beat most of the roses right down to the ground.  still they are not about to give up.  they are sprouting.  new growth is coming up from the base of the plants that survived.  there is something neat about the fresh red growth of roses.  the flower is forming already.

rose bud macro new growth rose

rose smoke

this is a sibling to last night’s flower.  a little more pigment than it’s sib.  and still not purple.  and just a hint of something in the eye in the blue purple range.  just a hint.

sf13 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream det