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almost chaos

going to try this crosses seedling thing again.  it is starting off in a direction i was not expecting.  usually a post starts with me going through this year’s image folders on the pc.  and i might be able to do that.  however it looks like most if not all of the pictures are already on wordpress.  the question is can they be pulled together in one post.  and get put into a coherent post.  the starting point is the first set of parents Cerulean Star and Smoke Scream.  Cerulean Star is a 7 inch 17.8 cm lavender open form flower.  Smoke Scream is a 6.5 inch 17 cm purple round flower.

the seedling they produced looks like this and it was eventually named Navigator’s Light.

hold onto this flower for the moment while we look at another flower.  it is a cross of Trahlyta and Black Plush.  Trahlyta is a purple flower 6.5 inches 17 cm.  Black Plush is a red black flower about 6 inches 15.2 cm.

and that cross produce a seedling of orange red color with a dark eye.  and that seedling was crossed with a pink flower called Wind Frills,

this produced an 8 inch 20.3 cm red seedling.  now we will bring back the first seedling – Navigator’s Light a purple flower and it was crossed with the red flower.

the result is three purple seedlings in the 8 inch 20.3 cm size.  here they are

14-123-A 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling

and that is why come july you will find me in the seedling bed coffee in hand first thing in the morning.


new yellow

or more yellow.  or not enough yellow.  or not enough new flowers.  this is a seedling.  a new incremental change.  mix two seedlings together and see how the genes arrange themselves.  see what the plant does in the garden.  try and try.  so there is a new yellow to watch in the garden.  the flower has long skinny petals in its genetic history.  the seedling has some of that.  and it has petals that are curling back.  time to watch and to try more combinations.  three images…  including the label that removes some of the mystery.

label 15-076 IMG_8186

15-076 11-012 Highland Pinched Fingers x Flower Shop) x SH B110- tet skinwalker ) x (11-013 Highland Pinched Fingers x Raspberry Sickle) x SH B110-A tet skinwalker macro 15-076 11-012 Highland Pinched Fingers x Flower Shop) x SH B110- tet skinwalker ) x (11-013 Highland Pinched Fingers x Raspberry Sickle) x SH B110-A tet skinwalker det

not a bread tag

just similar.   the little white tag around the base of yesterday’s flower.  the notes tell the cross.  since the picture is not from my garden i will leave the spent flower in place.  it is not mine to remove.  and i know how extremely irritated i would be if someone removed a flower and in the process destroyed the forming seed pod.  that would be truly bad form.  perhaps even worse form than bulldozing the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  players get ejected from the playing field for much less reason.  so anyway lets get back to the flower.  a seedling with an interesting eyezone.  three images…  perhaps one day we will see the flowers from those promising seeds forming behind the little white tag.

vod yellow eyezone garden IMG_0354

vod yellow eyezone det IMG_0354

vod yellow eyezone macro IMG_0354

i see a pattern developing

no not that one.  this set of patterns.  these pictures are from a daylily garden where the gardener is fascinated by daylilies.  daylilies with patterns.  markings in the eyezone that tend towards complex.  slightly complex to very complex.  depending on the day and the daylily.  weather, temperature, and the hot sunny ( or lack there of ) can affect the daylily and the pattern.  and they patterns are variable.  some daylilies can even totally loose the patterns on certain days.  others just have a different pattern from one day to the other.  and some can be fairly consistent.  so what else is to be expected from something fairly new and only partially understood ?   so onto these referenced patterns.  six images…  oh and we will work on that other pattern too !

bob f pattern seedling 001 orange det bob f pattern seedling 001 orange macro

bob f pattern seedling 002 apricot det bob f pattern seedling 002 apricot macro

bob f pattern seedling 003 yelleo det bob f pattern seedling 003 yelleo macro

directions included

finally someone remembered to pack the instructions !  use this pollen on those plants.  or take me to your garden.  or that is a petal.  or there are more flowers here.  say something nice or i will do a scarecrow to you ( wizard of oz ) “what happened to you ?  …flying monkeys…  parts of me are over here, parts of me are over there !”  … but don’t worry, its okay as long as i am still in the garden….  ( that was in the extended version – the one that is still playing in my head ).  so is there a flower with all of this stuff ?   yes there is, first one more – pay no attention to those arrows or the little dog barking at the man behind the curtain…

three images…. ( please disregard the other images verbally portrayed )

rbg sh001 macro 2 pattern rbg sh001 macro pattern rbg sh001 det pattern

oh one last direction… that is a hand.

a little story

for now at least.   this is a first year seedling.  a first bloom.  the cross is Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella’s Ruffled Fingers) x Plenteous).  many things are possible with this flower.  so i think i will just sit back and watch them unfold in a relaxed excited sort of way.  the whole plant, flower and all is no taller than my extended hand.  somewhere about 8 inches 20.3 cm.  and the flower is in the 3 inch 7.6 cm range.  it has 3 years to mature.  both Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and Plenteous have rebloom in their genetic history.  time will tell what might be.  four images…

Little Rainbow x Talon) x SRF) x Plenteous grdn IMG_8686 Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella's Ruffled Fingers scale IMG_8687

Little Rainbow x Talon) x Stella's Ruffled Fingers macro Little Rainbow x Talon) x SRF) x Plenteous det

more soon

bloom is still building.  walking around the garden tonight there are more and more flower scapes getting ready to bloom.  Delta Force is still blooming, looking much more like its regular self.  and right now it is all that is blooming.  that will come to a start – a bigger start soon.   until then another flower from last season.   a seedling,  one that should be already moved and saved Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle.  one that has been a pale yellow with just the merest hint of pink in the midrib.  two images…

12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle macro 12-017 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x Desert Icicle det


soon the seedlings will be ready to bloom.  before that there are some other things that should happen too.  the selects need to be moved out of the observation bed to a permanent location.   the rest of the bed needs to be cleared for the flagged seedlings in the 3rd year seedling bed.  both of these things could have happened last fall.  oh well as long as they happen this spring.   and then this year’s seeds need to be sorted for planting replanting the seedling bed.  so the crosses and the seed counts will go into a spread sheet and seeds will be selected for planting.   about half and half between tetraploid seeds and diploid seeds.  now back to that next flower from Dave’s garden.  another seedling.  two images…

dw sdlg 14-003  macro dw sdlg 14-003  det

great night

tonight was a great night for a little weeding in the garden.  finish clearing the weeds from the one year seedling bed.  and clear the worst of the weeds from last year’s new observation bed.  the weather was a bit on the crisp side with a touch of a breeze.  and the sky was clear and blue.  it was also a great night to drift off on the couch after finding a flower.  now just a bit more text and to really call it a night.  I think the next several nights will be flowers from my friend Dave’s garden.  this is one of his seedlings.   two images…

dw sdlg 14-002 det dw sdlg 14-002 macro

and jump

this is from a fellow club member’s garden here in town.  a double.   without too many details.  unless you count the image.  i will take the image over the words any day.

dw dbl macro dw dbl det