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it was a good day to start cleaning the weeds out of the seedling bed.  to make room for a new crop of flowers.  and seed sorting has started.  it is time to pick the ones that will get planted.  if there was more room there still would not be enough room.  and it would be a terrible problem.  more flowers than i would know what to do with.  a problem that would be great fun to solve.  or attempt to solve.  for now i will concentrate on getting ready to plant and to get these seeds in the ground.  three images of Ginger Swallowtail…

is it ?

is it the ruffles ?   is it the shadow of a halo around the border of the yellow throat and the pink petals ?   is it something else that no-one else sees ?   or is it the flower as it sits right now,  no other dreams ?  what do you see in the flower ?   is it perfect now ?   or is it a stepping bloom to something else that you see and others will be glad you did ?  such is the magic of the garden.  this flower is Mary Frances Ragain.  is there another flower that will follow this one ?  two images …

dw mary frances ragain macro dw mary frances ragain det


we have now left to seedling bed.  still on the path.  and this is someone else’s lovely.  the flower is called Sky Captain.  you might be able to see the work of  the apprentice pollinator.  the pistil is hiding under a coat of pollen.  there should be some seedlings coming along from this one and more to plant this spring… two images

sky captain det sky captain macro



the care free garden

i do not want one.  a care free garden that is.  i am beginning to think it is nearly impossible.  the garden should be a place where we can go to forget about problems.  there is no garden big enough to cause problems to be released.  when half a world away more than 100 children are killed the cares are too loud to silence.  there is no room for the hate that has harmed these children.  there is only room for prayer for the families that have been hurt.  prayer to walk away from hate.  start the prayer…

seedling img_1566 det

it is a flower

okay so we have found a flower.  it is also a bit of a mystery.   this flower came from some seed i bought.  why buy seed when i have a yard full of flowers ?   the simple answer is a new mix of genetics.  it is a fairly quick and relatively inexpensive way to bring those new genetics to the garden.  yes it took two years for the new flower to bloom.  and yes i did not know a lot about the background of both parents.  the seed was a cross of two purple flowers,  Random Control x Rose F Kennedy.   so was i expecting a nearly white seedling ?  not really.  though other purple on purple crosses here have gone to white.  so it is not a total shock.  there was hope that the big green throat of Rose F Kennedy would be passed on to the next generation.  there is still hope that the branching and bud count of Random Control will be passed on too.   then again maybe i should just re-read the name of that second parent slowly.  very slowly. and let it sink in.  random control… could there be some irony there ?  messing with genetics one needs to get used to that.  and sometimes riding out the surprise is well worth the trip.  even if it takes you to somewhere with totally different post cards.  two images of the seedling and the links above will take you to images of the parents.  how far can you go in your backyard ?  right now i don’t know and if and when i get there well i think a post card will be in order…

random control x rose f kennedy  macro random control x rose f kennedy  det



walking the garden

the end of summer garden walk takes on a slightly different purpose.  there are still some flowers to see.  though right now the zinnia and marigolds are still going strong.  as for the daylilies each day another one has bloomed its last bloom.  more seed pods are ready for picking.  the clock is ticking.  where today there are 15 or 20 blooms are straggling along,  it will not be long before it is 5 or 10.  Challenger, Suzy Cream Cheese, Blast From the Past, Woodchopper’s Ball, Neverending Summer and Boogie My Woogie Baby are holding the stage with a bunch of seedlings and sooner or later one of them will be the last bloom standing.  the picture is Woodchopper’s Ball a 60 inch 152 cm plant with a 4 inch 10.2 cm bloom.  two images

woodchoppers ball macro woodchoppers ball det IMG_6553

do not open till spring

the garden still has bloom.  daylily bloom even.  and now all those seed pods are starting to ripen, dry and split open.  mother nature would gladly handle the planting.  the seeds would fall here and there.  and while many would germinate in the spring, not nearly so many would survive to bloom.  the garden is a crowded jostling place where each plant has to fight for its place in the sun.  just a fraction of all those seeds make it to bloom and repeat the process in the natural scheme of things.  so here is a pod ripe on the scape.  a close up of a harvested pod.  seeds about to be stored in an envelope.  the cross is two early blooming plants that can rebloom on occasion.  perhaps the seeds will rebloom too.  and lastly one of those blooming flower things.  four images

pod on scape pod mm x paperbutterfly det

seeds do not open till spring IMG_6458 droopy drawers x ouchita beauty det

the name of the wind…ows almost installer

lulled into a false sense of security… sure why not apply updates before posting to the blog?  it will only take a few minutes.  or several hours while the pc restores and i fall back to the other pc.  funny this pc asked permission to update too… denied !  heartily denied !  so to get back to the wind.  it was hot today.  and cooler days are coming.  many of the blooms captured today were last or second last.  soon it will be a much quicker walk to capture pictures.  and a slower walk to capture seeds.  three ripe pods came in today.  more if i count the bee pods.  make it six all together.  and today the spider was in a posing mood.  we will close with a daylily fittingly named for the season and its bloom time.  this one is busy ferrying others across the river.  Charon the Ferryman.  it will be in bloom for a while.  four pictures.  we won’t mention the phrase from that other novel.  mainly because fall is coming first.

green garden spider green garden spider det

charon the ferryman det 2014 charon the ferryman det 2014 macro

planting day(s)…

or daze…  the seeds are coming out of the envelopes and going in the ground.  and other things are blooming.  so the first few rows of seeds have gone into the soil.  it will take a few more days to plant both seed beds.   some of the plants removed from the bed can be seen sitting on the path.  Others have been placed next to the back fence.  the seeds go in six inches apart and are staggered so the plant in the next row should not be right along side.  they will stay here for the next three years.  then the process will be repeated.  the oldest seed beds are just to the left.   and last year’s seedling bed can be seen in the second picture.  some of these should bloom this year.  speaking of blooms the Siberian Iris are blooming too.  so page down to see them…

2014 seedling beds IMG_7652

last years seedling bed IMG_7657 siberian iris

double whites

a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  each year some of the seedling beds get reworked.  it is a three year cycle.  old plants come out and the soil prepared for a new crop.  i try to put in what will reasonably fit and still allow me to walk between the rows.  and to plant about the same amount of seeds each year.  so there is a pathway next to each four foot wide bed.  it cuts down on some of the weeding and lets me know the border of each bed.  it makes it difficult to sneak in an extra row of seeds.  and it makes it easy later to walk in the garden, because that extra row of seeds in not in the way.  it is a matter of striking a balance between too much and too little.  once those seeds grow those beds will not look empty at all.  now for something that snuck into the daylily seed beds.  columbines self seed.  are they tossed by drying seed pods, birds, or the wind ?  or do they ride in with the fresh compost ?  what ever the mode of travel this one is growing next to a third year seedling.  this fall both the columbine and the seedling will be moved.  it is a double.  there is and extra set of petals around the pistil and stamens.  strangely the number of spurs do not double.  enjoy !  four images…

seedling bed reworked double white columbine IMG_7417


double white columbine IMG_7417 det double white columbine IMG_7417 macro