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sometimes the world is anything except simple.  very little makes sense.  loss comes and we cannot forgive ourselves for not being able to change the present.  it comes every day and though we try to steel ourselves, try to deny these events.  sooner or later in one way or another it comes to our own doorsteps or too close to avoid.  hurt and pain, the loss of loved ones seems unbearable.  today it is too close – whether it is something halfway around the world or a neighbor just down the street.  pause and offer love and sympathy in the face of the unexplainable.  offer love and with this gesture hope.


as i am

the flower is called Just As I Am.   it is a fitting name both for the flower and for the garden too.  it is nice to try to make things how we want them.  or to try.  it does not always happen.  in the case of this flower there are good days.  and there are rough days.  and days that fall somewhere in between.  for that reason i think it drifts to my keep this around so i might come to understand.  nature has its own view of pretty.  and looks with a sometimes very different eye.  we might do well to be quiet and watch.  especially on the rough days.  two images…

just as i am IMG_3029 det 1 just as i am IMG_3029 det 2


silent to full.  and still in a silent mood.  except the fullness is a realization.  whether or not each one of us is ready to move on the world does not pause.  so each of us will be dragged along ready or not.  today one of those events was the passing of a gardener.  a gardener and a gentle kind soul.  a teacher both inside and outside of school.  he shared his knowledge of the daylily with many people.  and as i reflected on his life it became clear that parts of the garden and life are full because of him.  i hope that each of us in time can find a fullness to carry forward.  two images.  gifts from Clayton to the garden.  one is in memory of an older loss and fullness.  and the other is the future.  Lola Branham and Starman’s Quest …

lola b det 2 starman's quest


picture this

some days you just have to expect the unexpected.  and just because it is unknown and unexpected it is a little more difficult to examine possibilities instead of jumping from a lack of understanding and context to ‘i don’t like this’.  if everything new falls into don’t like this – well there is not too much to like.  so picture this…  and give yourself some time to sort it out…

grey red seedling big red eye det

expect the unexpected

this is day two of the cherished blogfest.  you can still join before the list closes.

if you wish to join or simply read other cherished blogs go to this link.  it is about cherished memories that are a key to our lives.  give it a try.

now back to the garden.  i recently found one of those seedlings that like to play peek-a-boo.  it has been suitably tagged and flagged.  nope i do not want to loose it again.  the cross is Trahlyta x Bark At Me.  the Bark At Me parentage would explain why it is a late season bloomer.  it just started blooming.  ( and there was great rejoicing ).  the pollen moved around the garden today too.  enough of the yacking, time for some blooming image.  three images…  oh did i mention that sometimes this flower can be twisted too ?   i think that might come from Bark At Me too.  the other two blooms on this plant today were not twisted !

10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me det 10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me macro 0001 IMG_2661

10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me macro 0002



not anymore tonight…. now tomorrow night this might repeat.  or not.  the seedling is 12-097 10-043 Little rainbow x Cerulean Star) x Sally Sue.  and yes it a number with-in another number.  it was part of the 97th group of seedlings planted back in 2012.  so we can do our own version of ‘when you can snatch the pebble from my hand’  or should it be blossom from the garden ?  so this is the seedling that was finally chosen for tonight.  two images…  with a glowing yellow.  a yellow that glows too bright for its lavender companion pigment…

12-097 10-043 Little rainbow x Cerulean Star) x Sally Sue macro 2 12-097 10-043 Little rainbow x Cerulean Star) x Sally Sue det 2


nearly wordless.  this sort of blended colors is referred to as polychrome.  and now that i have found my device i will leave you to yours.  two images…

polychrome macro polychrome det

sun and rain

the garden is still a sea of green, except for the wave of colors that ride on top

yard view IMG_1096

so why am i messing with a flower that is minimalist on color ?  why not – it is a flower.  first a morning picture and then an evening picture.  then one side by side.  is it the difference in the quality of light ?  or the effects of the rain and sunlight and petal chemistry through the course of the day ?   or a little bit of everything ?

12-004 Turtle Tail x SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING AM prnt

12-004 Turtle Tail x SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING PM prnt

12-004 Turtle Tail x SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING AM PM sbs

just for a moment

an extended moment that is – i will rest my eyes.  see that worked great.  now if it only took a moment to open them…  not.  we participated in the Garden Walk Cleveland today.  our garden was part of the tour.  little did i realize that we would be doing nearly as much walking.  the day was great, blue sky, lots of mostly happy people.  and so many people amazed that we had so many daylilies here in our yard.  so when it was done i just put up my feet and rested my eyes for moment.  two images of one of the daylilies that still needs to move to the safety zone…

Sally Sue kid IMG_0849 macro Sally Sue kid IMG_0849