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not a bread tag

just similar.   the little white tag around the base of yesterday’s flower.  the notes tell the cross.  since the picture is not from my garden i will leave the spent flower in place.  it is not mine to remove.  and i know how extremely irritated i would be if someone removed a flower and in the process destroyed the forming seed pod.  that would be truly bad form.  perhaps even worse form than bulldozing the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  players get ejected from the playing field for much less reason.  so anyway lets get back to the flower.  a seedling with an interesting eyezone.  three images…  perhaps one day we will see the flowers from those promising seeds forming behind the little white tag.

vod yellow eyezone garden IMG_0354

vod yellow eyezone det IMG_0354

vod yellow eyezone macro IMG_0354

big curls – don’t cry

i’d say it was out of my system, then again some days we start with a pun and go for excessive.  remember this is a garden.  we plant and mulch our mistakes…  now back to those curls.  today’s curls are big.  yesterday’s flower was in the 6 inch range, curled it is closer to 4.  Third Act is 10 in 25.5 cm – curled.  someday i will have to unwind one.  the un-curled petal has got to be much bigger.  right now it is about 35 in tall.  next year it should be closer to its registered height of 40 in 102 cm.  still it is not bad for its second year here in the garden.  space the final frontier – even in the garden.  let’s get to the flower.  three images…

Third Act grdn IMG_9516


Third Act det Third Act macro

random appendages

one of the goals of many hybridizers is putting  bubbly edges and teeth on daylilies.  bubbly edges have been around for a bit longer.  the quest for teeth goes on.  and the teeth are there now on daylilies like Forest Lake Ragamuffin.  and the quest has moved to things like the sharkiest teeth.  this daylily, Raspberry Sickle only has some of those toothy appendages.   it also has cream colored petals with a dramatic raspberry colored eye and edge.  three images…

raspberry sickle macro 2 raspberry sickle macro 1 raspberry sickle det

a little rain

some sun.  several two petal flowers,  several more than i expected to find.  then again daylilies and mother nature are nothing if not surprising.  though looking for the unusual is not always so easy.  often we – i – do not know what the unusual looks like and are quite likely to look right past it.  however in this small matter i seem to have better skill.  several images of two petal flowers and two of yesterday’s wet flower.

john karl seager two petals samahdi two petals Gueana Jubilea two petals IMG_8829 Brazillian orange two petals IMG_8791


Cameroons x Thais det Cameroons x Thais macro

today i could

i could start by showing the yard.  and how the tide of green has started to turn.   there is still much green.  and there are plants leaping into bloom.  here and there singly and in other places clumps of 5 or more flower scapes are all in bloom.  and soon the green will give way to other colors.  many.  many colors.

yard view IMG_8413

do you think it will take a week ?  or less ?  or i could talk about Fantasia a flower that has 6 years on me.  it has been here several years.  it is quite happy.  ready to start blooming at clump strength in a day or two.

fantasia clump IMG_8421

i could talk about a flower in its second year here.  really coming on strong.  and still ready to get stronger next year.  most daylilies take three years to really demonstrate just what they can do.  Queen Cobra at 30 or so inches 72.6 cm heading for its 42 inch usual height.

queen cobra det 3 IMG_8445

i could talk about the fulva creeping under the fence.  one with freckles in its veins.  even fulva can have variety.

fulva det IMG_8454

or i could talk about the Canadian Hemlock catching the sunlight backlit on its gentle needles.

canadian hemlock backlit

then there is the seedling gone to a 5 petal poly with its ghost eye.  can you see it ?  or i could save it too for another day.

boba seedling x sm qqq det poly x 5

or there is a flower that has reached its three year potential.  Mythperception an 8 inch flower 20.5 cm on a 32 inch 81 cm scape.  i just don’t know what choice to make.  then again in a few days the wave of color will make its own choices.

mythperception det

and no.   these were not the only choices.  just the ones that tickled my fancy today.  i did not even go into the seedling bed.  and that is where the kid does his happy dance in the toy store.  yes.  they are blooming too.  now what was that dream… yes sugar plums.  and summer daylilies.



other red

this is Puppet Lady.  it has a flowing form.  and a deep rich red color.  it is also loved by thrips here.  they make those white marks on the bloom.  would crossing it with yesterday’s red chase the thrips away ???  two images

puppet lady macro puppet lady det


pink with chalk.  that is one description of this daylily.  star shaped.  narrow petaled.  clean color.  there are no doubt things you might notice that i have either skipped or will never see.  flowers are all in the individual perception.  what do you perceive ?  or sometimes the question is ‘what time do we give ourselves to perceive ?’  sometimes too much, sometimes too little.  give yourself a little time to make your day a little more enriched and experienced.  where ever you discover beauty.  Bejeweled, two images…

bejeweled macro bejeweled det


three from the garden tonight.  they are nocturnal.  open at night.  Mera’s Magic, Stella’s Ruffled Fingers, and Heavenly Blast to the Past.  Oh and a view of the still largely green yard.  four images…

Mera’s Magic nocturnal IMG_8049

srf nocturnal IMG_8045

heavenly blast to the past nocturnal IMG_8054

yard all green IMG_8025

sitting on the veranda…

is it possible to post from the veranda in the middle of a summer day ?   well it might not be a veranda, more of a pavilion.   hmmm looked up pavilion and it is certainly not that fancy.  let’s go back to veranda, even though covered patio might be a more accurate description.  well when it is raining off and on that is the place to be.  especially when rain rhymes with pouring cats and dogs.  well it is possible to start posting on the veranda.  and then pause…  now it is no longer the middle of the day.  now where are those pictures…?

first something a little abstract from a hot muggy afternoon…

abstract rain on the drive

second the not so abstract rain on the drive and the line of turf with no clover.  a place where one night the lawnmower ran out of gas.  and a line without clover that remains where i ran out of sunshine…

yard rain one strip of cut grass IMG_7980

this is a flower that has been in the garden a long time.  it has been in other gardens even longer.  Tasmania was introduced in 1950.  it is a bi-color with orange red with lighter sepals.  and Tasmania is an early bloomer.

tasmania grdn IMG_7953


when i woke up at 4 AM on the couch the decision was simple.  the post could keep until a later hour.  sure the pictures were chosen.  too many actually.  there were three new flowers blooming yesterday.  a walloping total of 5 different flowers in bloom.  today there are now new flowers blooming.  so the choice to post a single flower was a fairly good one.  so here is another bloom from this Thursday.  and we will see what flowers Saturday brings to the show.  if you look at this sea of green you might just pick out a bit of red.  this was my quest – get close enough to get a good image.  preferably without using one of those planet detector telescopes.  and then try to get a good angle on the bloom.  take your pic.  sometimes both angles are better.  a single view does not capture everything that the flower has to show.  and for good measure we will come in close.  four images…  Eggplant Escapade.

yard IMG_7878

eggplant escapade det 2 eggplant escapade det IMG_7881

eggplant escapade 2 macro