bloom in the garden

blooming today.  another pattern with some very pale coloration.  a dark red.  a big white and purple seedling.  and Satin Bird a purple and purple combination…

14-123-B 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling


things to see in the garden

there was a butterfly on the lantana.  all black wings with big white dots.  the body was mostly black to except for two white bars on either side of the head.  and golden hairs on the legs like a bee collecting pollen.  it is an eight-spotted forester.  of course there were a few flowers too…

16-077 14-102 Nate x Sky Captain) x Coho Mojo

14-155 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret ) x 12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

changing patterns

some patterns are stable.  some fluctuate.  some patterns just need to be observed.  here is the same flower as yesterday with a slightly different pattern.  i guess i need to keep watching.  there is also another patterned flower and a couple of other pretties.  and somehow the green is fading under a wave of color.  enjoy…


a new daylily in the garden.  a patterned daylily with two colors in the eyezone.  the name Forty-Two Dollar Date.  two images…

the big and the small

the garden, nature is a gateway to surprises.  some are improvements.  the flower is bigger  and stronger than it was last year.  some move in the opposite direction.  sometimes you find a better spot for a plant that was poking along.  sometimes you find a compatible parent for a plant that seemingly does not want to cross with anything.  and sometimes something new comes along and opens avenues that were never expected.  such good stress.