well the snow came back today.  and temperatures  dropped back down to cold.  and are headed for coder still.  that other storm did not go away.  it just was not as strange today.  and yesterday’s strange still carries over.  it makes it relatively easier to ignore the rigors of winter.  there has to be a better way to ignore winter.  now what comes next ?  i hope it is some flowers.  six images…


compost, hate, and apologies. oh my !

it feels like a very bad dream where the things you want most not to happen do happen.  how did i and we get here ?  how do we wake up ?  if you have been here a few times you know i strongly believe in the value of compost.  what some people would throw away is the most valuable.  compost enriches the garden and brings forth good things.  rather than dance around the elephant in the room i will come right out and say it.  there are no shit hole countries.  i think there are many many many people who along with me did not say the contrary and yet like myself will apologize for this sad unspeakable event.  i am sorry.  we are sorry.  great happenings, great people come from unexpected places.  if you do not believe me ask a son of Kenya.  i could go on except i will opt to keep things simple.  great things do not come from hate.  i am very very sorry.  i will close with an equally embarrassed flower.


someone dripped a little paint on an even littler petunia.  or something approximately close to that.  better add some other flowers.  some of them are even daylilies.  whew – that was perilously close to a major oops, or screw up even.  i guess i will have to make a note to speak to the garden color consultant and weeding minions.  in the alternate time lets get to the images… seven possibly eight if it is not too cold to count…   debating point – is it the editor or the writer whom is on vacation ?

the odds

i plant about 600 seeds each year.  i plant directly in the soil.  some germinate.  some do not.  each year i select about 50 plants for extended review.  the rest get moved and eventually go away.  some spend a season or two by the edges of the garden.  here and there in spots that are much less than the ideal.  still some bloom.  one of those is blooming in the shade next to the compost pile.  it is not really a bad plant.  it just was not selected.  it is part of the hybridizing game.  the last image is standing in front of the compost piles and looking out.  six images…

14-065 12-0622-001 Orange spider x Lullaby Of Birdland



when in winter and the january thaw hits be confused.  yes it is warmer, relatively speaking.  no it is not nearly warm enough.  the groundhog will be sleeping for several more weeks.  just look at the flowers and chill.  sorry wrong word.  layback, coast, or like the groundhog hibernate !   enjoy the toothy grey green foliage of the poppy.  five images of a warm color…

14-097 Ice Carnival Tet x Open Hearth Tet

good days

bad days.  some daylilies have good days.  some daylilies have bad days.  some have many bad days.  like not all the petals are open so neat.  and it is just as important to see the potential even when there are bad days.  all of these daylilies have good potential.  some have good realization.  any day one can see the potential during bad realization is a great day.  even on the days when the orange ditch lilies are invading under the fence with all of their potential.  seven images…

hmmm what to do ?

in summer given the choice – go back into the garden.  in winter given the choice – go back into the pictures.  the cold will go away when spring returns.  and now is as good as time as any to remember why we go to the garden.  it is the place to bee.  go.  six images…

11-013 highland pinched fingers x raspberry sickle) x SH B110-A tet skinwalker