script change

i was about to talk about this flower and another flower. and i can get back to that another time. when the picture is taken the focus is on the daylily. sometimes it works out better than planned. at the end of spring pots are scattered in the empty spots in the garden. it seems to have worked out rather nicely. almost like it was a plan…

10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me
10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me

fae games

there faeries in the garden. whims. whisperings. and surprises. from where else does white pollen come ? take a beautiful flower and find upon it white pollen and the fae have made a choice for the gardener. white pollen may look pretty. and it is useless. sterile. put it on another flower and no seeds will come. the fae have set a different course for this flower. if you want to grow something from it it will only be by the seed from this plant. seed pods will grow. so tie one hand behind your back and gather pollen from other parents. if you choose wisely in another year or two you may find out the wisdom of your choices. and in the mean time listen on the breeze. you might just hear the wisp of fae giggles.



the other day i watched this butterfly glide in gentle as a feather. no flutter or bounce just a smooth effortless glide right to the flower. it was patient and let me get close for picture. the garden is getting ready to go into its own gentle glide. it will not be too long before the choice in flowers narrows down. there will be a handful of the same flowers to capture images. and i will start sorting through the memories of the summer. and moving plants as the game begins again.

new flower

another Lola Branham kid. the cross is 16-160 (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x (14-032 Volcan Fuego x Lola Branham ). the flower has some of the grace of Lola and Desert Icicle. both are long flowing flowers. once it comes out of the crowded seedling bed and gets a bit of room perhaps it will show what it can do. yes this is a waiting and watching game. it a slightly different – yet similar flavor of last night’s flower. and it started blooming today. it is not time to stop watching…

try try

and try again. the cross for this seedling has been made several times. it has been made over several years. some times the seeds did not get planted. somehow someway somewhen these seeds did get planted. one of the parents is Blast From the Past a flower out of Challenger. Challenger is one of the oldest registered daylilies from 1949. the other parent is a mysterious seedling that appeared here in the garden one day. it could just be a dropped seed. or it could have been planted by the garden sprites. both parents are end of season late bloomers. one is orange and the other is yellow. both have a pretty good branch and bud count. it seemed like a natural choice to bring them together. well this yellow seedling is the result. it is blooming now. it will come out of the seedling bed for more evaluation. and with a little favorable weather this one will be in some seeds soon…


some red flowers tonight. both of them are seedlings with their first bloom cycle this year. and both are spidery and twisty.


two seedlings. one is about 5 years old. the other is three years old and just started blooming this past couple of days. the older seedling is out of John Sheehan and Skinwalker two very skinny spidery flowers. it has been blooming for quite a while and appears to be a bud builder. which means it can bloom for as long as the weather and moisture are favorable. the other seedling is a full form from other seedlings and Sky Captain. this is the first bloom cycle for this seedling. so it is wait and see on this one…