these two

this seedling is a cross of Volcan Fuego and a seedling produced by Talon and Smoke Scream.  both have good branching structure.  and this trait is inherited by  this seedling.  the yellow flower is small much like the flowers of Volcan Fuego.  except for one trait.  these flowers open flatter rather than a trumpet shape.  the flat opening trait comes from its other parents.  there should be a sign – bring your experimental pollen !  three images…

13-097 Volcan Fuego (Talon x Smoke Scream)


some seedlings don’t offer any obvious direction or answers.  they may not look very exciting at all.  then again the stew does not look so exciting when it is first being stirred either.  things have to be tried.  and pretty and weaker is not the only path to try.  sometimes it is two and three generations and more.  eventually something shows promise.  the journey has to start somewhere.  two sibs from the same cross can be quite different.  one can be tall and sturdy.  and the other can be shorter and not so sturdy.  time and trial and observation are the journey.  three images…



proper sequence

certain things should be done in the proper sequence.  like posts on a wednesday night slash thursday morning should be done in a casual sequence gown.  not a formal one.  one should also post the image and then fall asleep.  now in a somewhat non sequential order said flower.  and point of order those are ruffles and teeth – not sequence.  am i awake yet ?

what is the seedling bed ?

it could be described as a finding place.  or a seeing place.  is it seeing now ?  or is it seeing possibilities of the future ?  or is it a place of change ?  whatever else it is it is a place of attraction and wonder.  this flower has a lighter edge.  however the petals are dark in the center, while the sepals are lighter in the middle and have a darker area between the middle and the edge.  how will it mature when it comes out of the seedling bed ?  three images…

14-146 12-029 11-0708-D x John Sheehan ) x Skinwalker


a few more times

this flower was one of the early blooms of the season.  it reblooms.  so now it is back to mark the closing of the season.  it will be one of the late blooms of the season.  not the last.  just a signal that the close is coming.

get close

a glint.  a flash.  have i truly stopped to look ?   have i started to look ?  what is the color ?  or more properly what are the colors ?  this one needs to come out of the seedling bed and into the full sun.  there is more to be seen.  three images…

14-031 Volcan Fuego x Charon The Ferryman


this year’s image

back on July 10th the sibling flower was posted.  and while the shape is similar the color is a bit different.  tonight’s flower has a speckled coloration.  will it stay that way when it is moved from the seedling bed ?  i hope so.  variety.  and the image is better focused than last october.  three images…

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream