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easy peasy

not.  nature prefers a bit of stubbornness on most occasions.  you will see parts of your hopes.  and other parts will be missing.  both are late flowers.  one is a seedling from Adeline Goldner.  it is more open and star shaped.  the other, Sky Captain is rounder and taller and pinker.  and the seedling is somewhere in the middle.  it requires more imagination and some pollen to match.  can i find either ?  after all the garden is as much reality as it is a place of dreams.  four images…


14-107 Sky Captain x 11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x (Monster x Lavender Branch)


long and short.  and somewhere between.  this flower has been here for several years.  it blooms at the end of the season.  usually too quickly.  a few years ago i moved it to a slightly better spot.  this year it did not bloom so quickly.  translation more blooms.  could it be slowing the wheels of time ?   a little perhaps !  three images…

not so

not so late.  and not so tired.  gee i might even spell tired and tireder right tonight.  or not if poetic license abounds.  so can we get back to the flower and its parents ?  the cross is 13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain.    so one parent is a seedling Monster crossed with another seedling that had the garden name of Lavender Branch.  the other parent is Sky Captain.  they look like this

11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x (Monster x Lavender Branch) img_5620 sbs Sky Captain and here is another image of last nights flower.  this one is numbered 13-011-A.   the A is a notation that there are siblings, in this case B an C.  more about those tomorrow.  three more images…

13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Orange img_3539 macro 13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Orange img_3539 det

13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Orange

13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Orange

stay stamen

or desist hybridizer…  this is a very short story comparing two different flowers, a hibiscus and a daylily.  the hibiscus has five petals and five pistils.  one for each  petal and each chamber in the ovary.  the daylily has six petals and six stamen.  somewhat similar yet different.   the hibiscus has many many stamen.  Oh and there would be six stamen in the picture of the daylily – except some hybridizer who will attempt to remain nameless could not resist swiping one stamen and spreading pollen to another flower.  if Gandalf were here there might be references to a fool of a Took…   four images…   desist hybridizer !

adeline goldner macro red hibiscus macro red hibiscus det adeline goldner det

two out of three ?

this is a late blooming seedling.  each seedling is a series of steps forward and backward.  take a couple of late blooming plants.  one that is spidery and another that is a round form – one that reblooms.   put them together and see what happens….  yes the spidery is gone, still the form opened up and flattened out.  time will tell on the rebloom.  oh and this one is pod and pollen fertile.   see those seed pods on the seedling.  the spidery parent is pod stubborn.   very very pod stubborn so far.  like zero !   small steps are progress.   this one is two out of three to the good… parents first, then the seedling.  two images

11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x (Monster x Lavender Branch sbs 11-0811 Gort x Pygmy Pirate

12-135 11-0811 Gort x Pygmy Pirate) x (11-0805-A Adeline Goldner x qqq



yellow of high summer

this is a late summer bloom.  it is bold like the summer sun.  the flower is called Adeline Goldner.  it is an 8.5 inch bloom 21.5 cm on a 36 inch scape 91 cm.  yellow always stands out in the garden.  considering most of its competition has left the playing field it really stands out.  two images

adeline goldner det


adeline goldner macro

yellow – more yellow

This is one I have been crossing with.  Not always as successfully as I would like.  So I guess I should plan on coming back at it again next summer.  It is a skinny one.  Older too.  So it was not registered as a spider, though I am guessing it would measure out to be one.  Either way it makes a good parent for spider crosses.   Adeline Goldner – a bright bit of yellow in the late summer garden.  8.5 inches of starburst statement on a 36 inch tall plant.

adeline goldner det

only 225 pictures until bloom season

It is October 19th.  There actually is a seedling blooming out in the yard.  I guess I could of taken  one more picture.  It even looked pretty good for an off season bloom.  The color is good and it opened fully and in good form.

Since there are easily six or seven hundred pictures from this summer we could just use one of those.   So this seedling will help take us one more picture and one more day closer to the next bloom season.

For those interested in the details, this seedling is a cross of Adeline Goldner x ( Monster x seedling ).   Adeline is a pure yellow, Monster a yellow with bronze or reddish tips.  The seedling was a pale lavender.   One guess is the red in this seedling came from Monster.   Just don’t rule out the other two parents.   One thing for sure – daylily genetics are packed with surprises.