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compost, hate, and apologies. oh my !

it feels like a very bad dream where the things you want most not to happen do happen.  how did i and we get here ?  how do we wake up ?  if you have been here a few times you know i strongly believe in the value of compost.  what some people would throw away is the most valuable.  compost enriches the garden and brings forth good things.  rather than dance around the elephant in the room i will come right out and say it.  there are no shit hole countries.  i think there are many many many people who along with me did not say the contrary and yet like myself will apologize for this sad unspeakable event.  i am sorry.  we are sorry.  great happenings, great people come from unexpected places.  if you do not believe me ask a son of Kenya.  i could go on except i will opt to keep things simple.  great things do not come from hate.  i am very very sorry.  i will close with an equally embarrassed flower.