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named for an astroid. a flower named for an astroid. the name is Apophis. greek name for the egyptian deity embodying chaos. izft in egyptian. and the opponent ma’at deity of light, order, and truth. incidentally there is 2.7% chance it will hit earth or the moon on its april 13, 2029 return. until then let the flower be a reminder…


tonight was a good night for a little more garden maintenance.  there is a dry block wall that separates the seedling beds from the rest of the garden.  and it hold a few pots with petunias each summer.  it was time for a little rebuilding and leveling.  and tomorrow i might even get back to finishing the compost pile.  the flower tonight – Apophis a very dark flowing flower.  four images…

what !

yes it does that.  it quills a lot.  most of the time.  and yes it does not quite open flat.  then again the space it defines works and adds to the motion of the flower.  tall skinny and reaching out punctuating the space.  three images…

13-119-12-0705-001-10-113-gadsden-golliath-x-black-plush-x-apophis-img_1928-macro 13-119-12-0705-001-10-113-gadsden-golliath-x-black-plush-x-apophis-img_1928-det 13-119-12-0705-001-10-113-gadsden-golliath-x-black-plush-x-apophis-img_1929-grdn

red throat

this certainly is not the only daylily with a red throat.  there are others, just not a lot compared what is usually seen these days.  and now that i have talked about the center of this flower what was my plan to talk about this flower ?  daylilies respond to a lot of environmental factors.  hot days, cool nights and hot nights.  these are some of the factors that determine how a daylily will look.  i guess i should look up the temperature history the day before this flower bloomed.  on the 8th of July it was 86 degrees in Cleveland Ohio and went down to 71 over night.  on the 9th it went up to 78.   and this is how it looked.  three images and a very very good day for Apophis…

apophis-img_0861-macro_2 apophis-img_0861-macro_1 apophis-img_0861-det

not skinny

a daylily can be shaped by the temperature as much as by its genetics.  so on this day the flower was not skinny.  not so many days before it was skinny…  two images  Apophis.




somewhere in this garden is there a flower that does not need to be crossed ?  in a way that is a bit of a silly question.  a bit of denial.  what is a flower whether to the bee or me or any other agent except to be crossed.  it is like a bird that must fly or an ostrich that must run.  it is the stuff of flowers.  so why feel the least bit off about pitching in.  seed collecting is going well.  there are too many … again.  and life will winnow them down.  here is one that was not winnowed.  Apophis.  a dark think with pleating in its veins.  two images

apophis det apophis macro



daylilies half a world away

It may be two days after the solstice here, however on the other hemisphere of the planet there are daylilies in bloom. This is a seedling grown by Christiaan van Schalkwyk in South Africa. The cross is Lucky Streak x Apophis. It is what most daylily crosses end up being, a bit of a delightful surprise. Both parents are very dark blooms. Lucky Streak has a strong white stripe up the middle of the bloom. Otherwise it is all dark. So just where in the genetic jumble did that light purple edge sneak in ?

Lucky streak x Apophis_crd_hlf

Star like bodies descending into the garden

The atmosphere burns away at asteroids.  When Apophis blooms in the garden the sun burns away at it and the rest of the blossoms.  At the end of the day it is like the rest of us, a bit worse for wear.  Still it resists and holds up fairly well.

And each new day it starts off strong.