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it just takes two

a very old flower – Autumn Minaret meets a fairly new flower Bark at Me.  it is the perfect flower.  define perfect.  seems there are lots of riders depending on who and when they define perfect.  i won’t kick it out of the garden here.   four images…  and oh the first flower is about 6 inches and the second one is half that size.   the seedling… it is the size of the bigger parent.



a sib

sibling if we expound at length.  this is the same cross as last night’s.  this one has longer petals.  and it too is yellow.   a brighter and less golden yellow.  and it is a bigger flower.  two images…


well there are other colors besides purple and lavender.  and there are other things in the genetics.  this seedling is a cross of Bark At Me and Autumn Minaret.  the first is medium height and a twisted flower.  the second is tall and yellow.  so the seedling is shorter than medium and has a twisted yellow flower.  four images and one of those is the parents…

bark-at-me-img_3109-prnt-x-autumn-minaret-img_4707-prnt-sbs bark-at-me-x-autumn-minaret-img_1873-macro bark-at-me-x-autumn-minaret-img_1873-det bark-at-me-x-autumn-minaret-img_1873-grdn

back where we started

this is a sib cross.  two sibling plants crossed back to each other trying to reinforce traits hidden in the first cross.  Autumn Minaret is tall.  the seedling was too.   it also has a small flower.  Desert Icicle has a long petaled flowing flower.  some things come back on that second cross.  will the height come back too ?  two images…


14-120 10-064 Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x ( 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

14-120 10-064 Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x ( 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret



Autumn Minaret is an old plant, from 1951.  it grows tall and it has small flowers at the end of the growing season.  Bark at Me is a fairly new plant.  it is of medium height and its flowers are twisty and large.  the seedling took the yellow and red color of Autumn Minaret.  it is a fairly short plant with a large twisty flower on the scale of Bark at Me.   three images…

10-068 Bark at Me x Autumn Minaret IMG_3174 macro 10-068 Bark at Me x Autumn Minaret IMG_3174 det

10-068 bark at me x autumn minaret

10-068 bark at me x autumn minaret

not what it looks like ? ? ?

or is it ? ? ?  if you are thinking this plant is out of Trahlyta, well it is a good guess.  just not a first generation seedling.  this is a little flower.  a seedling from a cross of a short dark flower Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret.  the seedling took most of the plant habit of Autumn Minaret.  it is a late season bloomer.  it is tall, more than 48 inches 121.9 cm.  and it is a small flower about 3 inches 7.6 cm.   and there the resemblance stops.  the flower opens  flat like Eggplant Ecstasy instead of the more trumpet like shape of its other parent.  and the pigment of the flower is dark.  so neither plant completely wins in the contest of the seedling.  the garden however does win…  two images.  and yes – Eggplant Ecstasy is from Trahlyta.

Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret macro Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret det

full sun

this plant moved to full sun last year.   or perhaps i should say fuller sun.  it moved away from the lilac and to a spot where it should get a little more sun.  so it will be interesting to see what effect it has on the flower size and height.  then there is the drifting thoughts of what this needs to be crossed with this summer.  this is a four foot high plant 1.2 meters.   both parents are tall and i would like to bring back the flowing petals of Desert Icicle.  time will tell what it might become.  two images

11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret  clump IMG_5775 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret garden IMG_5775