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these flowers both have extra petals and sepals.  one has an extra set of petals and sepals.  so there is a total of four petals and four sepals.  the other one has a complete extra flower.  it is two flowers fused together.  instead of three petals and three sepals there are six of each.  and while i cannot quite find that 12th stamen there are two pistils.  four images…


some facilities

just not all, and not right away.  we frequently plan on doing a series of steps.  and then have that series of steps altered by forces outside of our control.  or are forced to wait.  or all of the above.  some days it just bees that way.  so here i am at the point where i can find a picture.  done.  now to add a spash of words and see what else the new day will bring.  this flower was a new addition to the garden this spring.  looking back it too suffered from a ‘some facilities’ series of events.  and in the end that is not so bad.  the plant made it to the garden and it is blooming now.  the flower is called Ballin’ the Jack.  appropriately with today’s theme the details are temporarily unavailable.  at least from that source.  the flower is about 7 inches and next year should be 35 inches tall.  this year it is quite a bit shorter, which is very normal for a plant that has been moved.  so today we will leave a few mysteries unsolved.  like the music and artist that chose this name years ago and is now shared with this flower.  we will just move on to the flower.  ….ahem, this does seem to be a re-occurring theme today.  how about a link to the picture… and soon when time and facilities permit the picture will actually be placed here… or so i imagine.

Ballin’ the Jack   i do hope you can see this.  for the moment it appears to be working….

ballin' the jack det