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i was watching a show about wild france tonight.  part of it was in a preserve called Cévennes.  there is no cultivation there.  however they do raise honey bees.  and the bees there are doing fine.  no pesticides or other agricultural chemicals to mess them up.  interesting.  now if i could just get rid of the systemics that sneak in here on the annuals we plant each year.

16-023 13-011-A 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Orange x 13-011-B 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) poly

16-045-B 10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me) x 13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – Orchid

after sun comes rain

yes the rains came back today.  so while we look at the memories and flowers from last summer know that the sky was blue for two full days.  the crocus drank the sunshine to their full.  and they shared bounties of nectar with the bees.  ten images…

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

14-147 12-067-004 ? x Rose F Kennedy

14-144 11-1107-J Open Hearth x Trahlyta) x Give Me Eight

14-124 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x RFK

14-079 12-110 Anna Mel(NR) x Coburg Preview) x (B110-A Tet Skinwalker) x Morticia) x Apatosaurus

14-065 12-0622-001 Orange spider x Lullaby Of Birdland

do the bees care ?

yellow or purple ?  larger or small ?  annual or perennial ?   larkspur or daylily ?  no, i think it is only nectar or not…

though one day it would be very interesting to see flowers as the bees do, with ultraviolet light.  i think the landing beacons, the calling cards of these plain yellows and purples would be quite different.  two links to flowers in ultraviolet

yellow 11-000 seedling


it is a lawn.  it is not just grass.  and i like it that way.  we don’t use chemical additives.  and we really don’t bother fertilizing either.  mowing will control the lawn.  and we enjoy a blend of other plants.  so we do not panic at the sight of dandelions, violets, or clover.  and while it is not the first it is one it is a forerunner.  the season of little white and pink lawn flowers is upon us.  and the bees will be happy to find them.  and i will be happy to see the bees working the lawn.  it should be more than a path between the flower beds.

clover det clover macro

bee fest 2013

Each year about this time a large buzz goes up from the crowd.  The Sweet Autumn Clematis brings the bees back to the yard.  And it perfumes the air which is not altogether a bad thing on a warm autumn night.

autumn clematis view

clematis det