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short and tall

two daylilies.   similar in some respects.  and different in others.  one is short.  the other is tall.  they both have a bit of chalk eye zone.  can they be brought together in a new taller version ?  make a buzzing sound and bring pollen.   Bejeweled is short and Orchid Lady Slipper is tall.  five images…


the listing says lavender.  and that is close enough.  if this were a violet instead of a daylily i would say don’t sweat the small stuff.  then again daylilies are much smaller than those mammoth sunflowers.  so i can still say it.  don’t sweat the small stuff.  four images of a flower from 1970 Bejeweled

bejeweled-img_0064-macro bejeweled-img_0064-det-2 bejeweled-img_0064-det bejeweled-img_0064-grdn


this plant has been around for a few years.  i should say misplaced.  it was put in a spot where it was crowded and hard to get at.  not exactly a good way to make crosses.  some plants tolerate crowding better.  some do the crowding and others get crowded.  and you never quite know until afterwards.  a new plant next to an established plant often becomes a crowding victim.  a case of timing rather than weakness.   and some just lack that little bit of an edge and get out grown.  believe it or not plants are competitive and if they can out grow their neighbor they will.  so eventually i find out just how much room a plant needs.  and if i want to give it more room.  this is one that is going to get the room for now.  the garden – and life in general – is a constant series of adjustments.  now to make some of those crosses.  three images…

11-1107-B Bejeweled x Model In Red IMG_2921 macro 11-1107-B Bejeweled x Model In Red IMG_2921 det

11-1107-B Bejeweled x Model In Red

11-1107-B Bejeweled x Model In Red


pink with chalk.  that is one description of this daylily.  star shaped.  narrow petaled.  clean color.  there are no doubt things you might notice that i have either skipped or will never see.  flowers are all in the individual perception.  what do you perceive ?  or sometimes the question is ‘what time do we give ourselves to perceive ?’  sometimes too much, sometimes too little.  give yourself a little time to make your day a little more enriched and experienced.  where ever you discover beauty.  Bejeweled, two images…

bejeweled macro bejeweled det

what else ?

this is a first year seedling.  that means that not all of the mystery has been unfolded.  for one thing first year seedlings like to bloom a bit earlier than the finished plant will bloom.  so whether it is an early season, mid-season, or late season plant, expect the first year seedling to bloom a week or two earlier.  the cross is 11-018 Navajo Curls x (Bejeweled x Model In Red ).  Navajo Curls is a late season plant, Bejeweled a mid-season and Model In Red is a mid to late season bloomer.  the image was captured on August 4th though i have no clue if it was the start or end of its blooms.  i will have to wait until next year to see where the 2nd year of bloom begins.  the plant itself is about 36 inches (91cm) high and about a 6 inch (15cm) bloom.  and that may increase too, the plant was at the back of the seedling bed under a fair amount of shade.  in the full sun these measurements may change too.  with a look like this i will watch it.

sf13 11-018 navajo curls x (bejeweled x model in red ) det

an orchid like daylily and a seedling

Yesterday’s post was about a daylily name Orchid Majesty.  Today’s post is about dreaming.  Daylilies are about many things.  Beauty and its characteristics is one of those things.  What aspects of Orchid Majesty’s beauty can be explored and perhaps be taken in a new direction?  Perhaps this next seedling would be a good match with Orchid Majesty?  The pattern of color in the throats of both daylilies might just combine and come out the better for it.  Or they may make a surprise revelation with a totally new direct.  Sounds like a possible mission for next season’s hybridizing.  And a world of dreaming until a new batch of seedlings bloom in a couple of years.  Are dreams growing in your garden ?

orchid majesty det  bejeweled x model in red

Orchid Majesty                                        seedling Bejeweled x Model In Red

a late blooming seedling

This is a new seedling that started blooming today.  That would make it a late season plant.  It is a big bloom about 8 inches.  The cross is Navajo Curls x ( Bejeweled x Model In Red ).  Navajo Curls is the parent with the trait for late bloom.

11-018 navajo curls x (bejeweled x model in red ) det


This daylily has started its season.  It is an older daylily – from 1970 – so it has been around 43 year.  Not quite that long here in our garden.  Still it is a treasure here.  Both because of its beauty and good garden performance and for the nice seedlings it has given here.  A blossom to be enjoyed.  Bejeweled

bejeweled det

chromatic variety before the solstice

What happens when you sneeze right as trying to say ‘romantic’ ?  Right you still don’t get chromatic.  Make note – proximity to the solstice does not increase nor foster good puns.  So gamely we shall move on to chromatic variety.  There are other colors not red and orange to hold sway against the solstice.  This one is a seedling from Model in Red and it is something in pink.  It is the result of a cross with Bejeweled.  Both parents are included at the bottom.   First the pink seedling.Bejeweled x Model In RedAnd now the parents.parents bejeweled and model in red